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Qatar Airways Cargo Boosts Services with Freighter Resumption to Bahrain

In a recent move marking its commitment to enhancing cargo services in the Middle East, Qatar Airways Cargo has resumed its freighter operations to Bahrain, starting from the 1st of September, 2023. This significant step ensures an influx of over 4,500 tonnes weekly cargo capacity across the region.

Growing Connections in the Middle East

While Qatar Airways was already operating 21 weekly narrow-body passenger flights to Bahrain, reinstating three weekly freighter operations ups the ante. This addition translates to an extra 200 tonnes of weekly cargo capacity for the Bahrain route alone.

Ms. Liesbeth Oudkerk, the Senior VP of Cargo Sales and Network Planning, expressed her enthusiasm about this renewed connection. She said, “We are glad to be back in Bahrain with dedicated freighters three times a week. Bahrain is an important market for us, and having a consistent freighter service will contribute to the economic and trade growth between Qatar and Bahrain..”

Bahrain’s Trade Dynamics

Bahrain’s import scene predominantly witnesses general cargo flow alongside perishables like fruits, vegetables, and meat. On the flip side, exports largely comprise general cargo and hazardous goods. With Bahrain on its map, Qatar Airways Cargo impressively covers 24 Middle Eastern destinations. This includes freighter and passenger belly-hold flights, affirming its robust cargo capacity within the Middle East.

Thanks to its ‘Next Generation’ vision, the airline continues to make service and operational enhancements throughout its vast network. For those eager to tap into this renewed capacity to and from Bahrain, bookings can be made swiftly on Qatar Airways Cargo’s Digital Lounge platform or through its associated third-party marketplaces.

Diving Deeper: About Qatar Airways Cargo

Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, Qatar Airways Cargo is the global leader among international air cargo carriers. Its expansive network stretches across 70 freighter destinations and another 160 passenger routes. The cargo division boasts an impressive fleet consisting of two Boeing 747-8 freighters, two Boeing 747-400 freighters, 26 Boeing 777 freighters, and an Airbus A310 freighter. Qatar Airways is also a partner of Finnair, extending the cargo capacity, capabilities, and reach of both airlines.

Besides its aerial operations, Qatar Airways extends a vast road feeder service network. Qatar Airways Cargo is not just about numbers and operations; it is a brand built on commitments. Its continuous investments across products, services, infrastructure, and quality handling underline its goal of setting high cargo transportation standards.

Importantly, its sustainability initiative, WeQare, echoes its dedication to giving back to the communities. This program revolves around the key pillars of sustainability, encompassing the environment, society, economy, and culture.

In sum, with the renewed connection to Bahrain, Qatar Airways Cargo further cements its role as a key player in the realm of air freight services in the Middle East.

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