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Swedavia’s Traffic August 2023: Recovery Continues

In recent months, the aviation sector has shown impressive signs of recovery. Swedavia‘s August 2023 statistics are a testament to this resurgence. The airport group has reaped growing passenger numbers with various advancements and improvements.

Passenger Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Photo: Orlando Boström
Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Photo: Orlando Boström Source: Swedavia

Robust Recovery in Air Travel

For the third consecutive month, Swedavia’s ten airports witnessed over three million passengers taking to the skies. When compared to August 2022, air travel numbers in August 2023 increased by 8%. This positive trend is largely attributed to a burgeoning demand for European flights.

While the growth trajectory remained positive, the pace did slacken slightly in August. Various external factors could influence the recovery pace in autumn, including potential economic slowdowns and unpredictable business climates. However, during summer, a total of nine million passengers, including a growing number of foreign visitors, traveled through Swedavia airports.

Operational Excellence and Infrastructure Development

The summer’s success wasn’t just about passenger numbers. Operational efficiency stood out, too. Stockholm Arlanda’s newly inaugurated security checkpoint has notably enhanced the passenger experience. Since its inception, over 1.6 million passengers have experienced a breezier security check, with an average queue time of merely five minutes.

Adding to the excitement, Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia’s President and CEO, anticipates the grand unveiling of Arlanda’s sprawling new marketplace. Spanning over 11,000 square meters, this space offers travelers a revamped offering of shops, restaurants, and conveniences.

Growing Destinations and Airline Partnerships

Diversification was the name of the game. Swedavia’s airports boasted nearly 300 destinations this summer. Moreover, Stockholm Arlanda’s destination roster has nearly matched its pre-pandemic glory. Noteworthy collaborations include Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) introducing routes to Florence, Århus, and Larnaca through Arlanda. Additionally, September will begin Eurowings’ route from Arlanda to Beirut.

Performance Insights: International Vs. Domestic

Delving deeper into the statistics, Swedavia’s August 2023 figures represent 82% of the pre-pandemic travel levels witnessed in 2019. There’s a clear tilt towards international travel, which increased by 12%, while domestic travel witnessed a 4% dip compared to the same period in the previous year. Stockholm Arlanda Airport, being a primary hub, reported over 2.1 million monthly passengers – a 10% growth year-on-year.

However, not all airports reported uniform growth. Göteborg Landvetter Airport recorded over 500,000 passengers in August, marking an 8% year-on-year growth. While international travel at this airport increased by 12%, domestic travel dropped by 18%. Regional airports had a mixed bag of results, with Luleå Airport, Kiruna Airport, and Umeå Airport outshining their counterparts like Åre Östersund, Bromma Stockholm Airport, and Malmö Airport.

August traffic trend at Swedavia Airports, number of passengers.
August traffic trend at Swedavia Airports, number of passengers.

More Improvement Anticipated

Swedavia’s August 2023 traffic statistics show resilience and continued recovery. As the aviation sector finds its footing post-pandemic, the continued travel demand – be it for leisure or work – shines through. Swedavia’s ongoing infrastructure advancements and an expanding array of destinations set the stage for continued growth in the coming months.

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