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SWISS Saveurs In-Flight Menu Gets Sustainable Upgrade With “Potluck” Discounts To Cut Food Waste

SWISS has updated its popular SWISS Saveurs In-Flight Menu. The airline also allows passengers to fly more sustainably by cutting food waste with a “potluck” discount on the day’s unsold fresh, tasty meals.

Discover the SWISS Saveurs Culinary Experience

Travelers flying with SWISS can enjoy a revamped culinary experience on their European flights. Here’s everything you need to know about the SWISS Saveurs menu and what it offers.

SWISS Saveurs: Source: SWISS

What is SWISS Saveurs?

SWISS, a leading European airline, and Switzerland’s flag carrier, has rolled out a unique culinary concept for most European flights departing from and arriving in Switzerland. This service is available in the SWISS Economy class. The primary idea behind this move is to present passengers with an expansive array of dishes and snacks.

What’s on the Menu?

With the SWISS Saveurs offering, travelers can look forward to regional dishes crafted from local ingredients. What’s more, these come in sustainable packaging whenever feasible. The menu includes healthy alternatives and features creations from Switzerland’s iconic Confiserie Sprüngli. Passengers can indulge in popular snacks from renowned Swiss brands besides enjoying freshly made products. These delights are available on flights over 50 minutes.

For those on short hops of less than 50 minutes, fret not! SWISS ensures you stay refreshed with a complimentary water bottle named SWISS Altitude 1150. Plus, the airline’s signature chocolate is a treat all passengers receive.

Partnering with Confiserie Sprüngli

On European flights you can treat yourself to Sprüngli’s remarkable creations while travelling with SWISS. Selected items are available from the SWISS Saveurs menu and can be enjoyed above the clouds.

One of the highlights of the SWISS Saveurs concept is its collaboration with Confiserie Sprüngli. Hailing from Zurich, Sprüngli’s pâtissier is globally renowned for its irresistible Luxemburgerli (airy macaroons in flavors including Bourbon vanilla, caramel with Fleur de Sel, and champagne). True to its Swiss tradition, Sprüngli is also famed for its delectable chocolate creations. Sprüngli pioneered the art of Grand Cru chocolate, the rarest and purest of chocolates. On your European flights with SWISS, you can savor these remarkable delicacies high above the clouds.

A Commitment to Sustainability

In its bid to curb food wastage, SWISS introduces the “surprise package.” It offers unsold fresh food at a discounted rate on flights at the end of their rotation. This move provides passengers with delectable choices from the SWISS Saveurs menu at better prices and significantly reduces food waste.

Stay Hydrated Onboard

Swiss Altitude 1150 water joins the SWISS Saveurs menu.

Traveling can often leave you dehydrated. Recognizing this, with the introduction of SWISS Saveurs, passengers receive a complimentary bottle of mineral water sourced from the Glarus region. The name SWISS Altitude 1150 marries the elevation of the spring from the scenic Glarus Alps with aviation.

An Enlightened SWISS In-Flight Menu

If you’re flying SWISS, the revamped SWISS Saveurs menu is a culinary experience passengers shouldn’t miss. Whether you’re sipping on pure mineral water or indulging in delicacies from Confiserie Sprüngli, SWISS ensures that your gastronomical journey is as memorable as your travel.

You can visit their official website for more information on SWISS services.

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