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Discover the Future of Wellness: Biohacking Orb at Schiphol!

If you have time to spare between connections at Schiphol, take some time to re-align your body for the long journey ahead with the new Biohacking Orb by Holisteq.

Holisteq Biohacking Orb at Schiphol Airport
Holisteq Biohacking Orb at Schiphol Airport

Wellness Reimagined at Schiphol

For those frequent flyers and globetrotters, Schiphol has become synonymous with more than just air travel. Thanks to the innovative wellness concept, Holisteq is also a place to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Nestled comfortably in Lounge 2, Holisteq is a pioneering brand that integrates science, technology, and holistic wellness seamlessly. Its central aim? To combat the stress and fatigue that often accompany travel.

Experience the Magic of the Biohacking Orb

Holisteq Biohacking Orb at Schiphol Airport
Source: Schiphol Airport

Are you intrigued by what holistic wellness backed by technology looks like? Enter the Biohacking Orb. This groundbreaking multi-sensory pod boasts a delightful fusion of sound, vibration, infrared light, color, and aromatherapy. Each treatment is meticulously curated to bolster the overall well-being of travelers. But the icing on the cake? Their therapies specifically address common flying woes like jetlag and stress.

Lucky for Schiphol travelers, this airport is the first in the world to offer the enchanting Biohacking Orb experience. And with treatments designed for every kind of traveler – the quick “Flow & Go” (15 minutes), the immersive “Flight Mode” (25 minutes), and the deeply relaxing “Deep Rest” (35 minutes) – there’s something for everyone.

Positioned on the bustling second floor of Lounge 2, just past the security check, Holisteq promises a slice of serenity seven days a week between 07:00 to 21:00.

Schiphol: A Global Wellness Hub

Holisteq Biohacking Orb at Schiphol Airport
Source: Schiphol Airport

Schiphol’s commitment to traveler well-being doesn’t end with the Orb. The introduction of Holisteq complements an already impressive roster of well-being services. From XpresSpa’s indulgent treatments, soothing massage chairs, and luxury spa toilets to tranquil spaces like the Meditation Centre and the Baby Care Lounge, Schiphol is steadily becoming a global wellness hub.

So, the next time you find yourself at Schiphol, take a detour to Lounge 2. Between flights, there’s now a way to truly recharge and experience wellness like never before, all thanks to Holisteq. Safe travels and happy rejuvenating!

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