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GAP Airports Announces 14.1% Rise in Passenger Traffic for August 2023

In a significant announcement, Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico, S.A.B. de C.V., commonly known as GAP, revealed an impressive 14.1% surge in passenger traffic for August 2023 compared to the same month in 2022.

Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport. Credit:Elijah-Lovkoff Source: iStock Photo

Key Insights:

  • Overall Increase: GAP, which operates 12 airports in Mexico, reported that terminal passenger figures for August 2023 increased by 14.3% from the previous year.
  • Location-specific Growth: Notable airports that contributed to this growth include Guadalajara (18.0%), Tijuana (11.7%), Los Cabos (5.2%), and Puerto Vallarta (0.7%). Additionally, Montego Bay saw an increase of 15.5% from 2022.
  • Domestic vs. International: When looking at domestic terminal passengers, there was an overall increase of 19.8%. Meanwhile, international terminal passengers grew by 5.9%.

The Highlight of the Month:

A significant point to note is the improvement in seats and load factors. The number of seats available in August 2023 saw an increase of 10.7% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, load factors, which measure how full the flights are, climbed from 78.9% in August 2022 to a commendable 81.4% in August 2023.

GAP Airports Traffic Figures (Table)

Domestic Terminal Passengers (in thousands):         
 AirportAug-22Aug-23% ChangeJan – Aug 22Jan – Aug 23% Change 
 Los Cabos260.2303.716.7%1,661.32,017.121.4% 
 Puerto Vallarta261.1284.08.8%1,732.01,984.114.6% 
 Montego Bay0.00.0N/A0.00.0N/A 
 La Paz93.5108.215.7%712.6735.13.2% 
 Los Mochis35.344.024.7%275.9301.69.3% 
 International Terminal Passengers (in thousands):     
 AirportAug-22Aug-23% ChangeJan – Aug 22Jan – Aug 23% Change 
 Los Cabos338.3325.9(3.7%)3,058.43,357.19.8% 
 Puerto Vallarta215.0195.3(9.2%)2,428.32,724.712.2% 
 Montego Bay405.8468.715.5%2,925.13,639.224.4% 
 La Paz2.00.8(59.0%)18.29.6(47.5%) 
 Los Mochis0.70.6(14.2%)5.24.9(5.8%) 
 Total Terminal Passengers (in thousands):       
 AirportAug-22Aug-23% ChangeJan – Aug 22Jan – Aug 23% Change 
 Los Cabos598.4629.65.2%4,719.65,374.213.9% 
 Puerto Vallarta476.1479.30.7%4,160.34,708.813.2% 
 Montego Bay405.8468.715.5%2,925.13,639.224.4% 
 La Paz95.5109.014.1%730.8744.71.9% 
 Los Mochis36.044.623.9%281.0306.59.1% 
 CBX users (in thousands):       
 AirportAug-22Aug-23% ChangeJan – Aug 22Jan – Aug 23% Change 
Source; GAP

About Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP):

GAP has been a beacon in Mexico’s Pacific aviation sector, operating 12 airports, including significant hubs in Guadalajara and Tijuana. Tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, La Paz, and Manzanillo also fall under their purview. Furthermore, they manage six mid-sized cities: Hermosillo, Guanajuato, Morelia, Aguascalientes, Mexicali, and Los Mochis.

The company marked a milestone in February 2006 when its shares were listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker “PAC.” Simultaneously, it was featured on the Mexican Stock Exchange under the ticker “GAP.” By April 2015, GAP expanded its horizons by acquiring a majority stake in MBJ Airports Limited, further solidifying its dominance in the sector.

This consistent growth and robust operational strategy have put GAP on the map, making it one of the leading aviation companies in the region. With these promising figures, the future looks bright for Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico and the entire aviation sector in the Pacific region of Mexico.

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