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Hawaiian Airlines and ASU Partner to Boost Hawai‘i’s Future IT Professionals

Hawaiian Airlines invests in Hawai’i’s future through a strategic partnership with Arizona State University (ASU). The collaboration saw its first fruits when two Native Hawaiian students were awarded $10,000 each as a part of the New Horizons Scholarship Fund.

Hawaiian Airlines scholarship recipients at ASU.
Image credit: Arizona State University
Hauʻoli Kalipi (second from left), Matthew Chimbos, managing director of information technology at Hawaiian Airlines (center right), and Preston Naʻalelalani Ponteras (right) pictured with ASU Mascot Sparky the Sun Devil at the 2023 ʻOhana Day, sponsored by Hawaiian Airlines.

Hauʻoli Kalipi from the Island of Hawai‘i and Preston Naʻalelalani Ponteras from Oʻahu are not just any students. They are bright minds enrolled in ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business’s Information Systems program. Their commendable academic achievements and contributions to the ASU community made them stand out and win this scholarship, paving their way toward promising careers in information technology.

Kalipi’s aspirations are clear. She wishes to use her skills to benefit Hawaiʻi businesses or delve into the exciting world of sports analytics. A proud representative of Native Hawaiian students, she currently juggles her time as an honors college student, a W.P. Carey Leadership Academy member, and a budding professional starting her journey as a data assistant.

On the other hand, Ponteras carries the pride and spirit of Hawaiʻi wherever he goes. Grateful for the recognition from Hawaiian Airlines, he is enthusiastic about his next journey back home on one of their flights.

Increasing Demand for Skilled IT Professionals

Hawaiian Airlines is investing in Hawaiian IT talent through scholarships and partnerships with universitities.
Hawaiian is aggressively investing in Hawaiʻi-focused career pathways as it enhances its IT systems and prepares for a new growth phase.

This partnership between Hawaiian Airlines and ASU signifies more than just scholarships. Establishing the New Horizons Scholarship in January, a $100,000 fund, will directly invest in Hawaiʻi’s students, encouraging them to pursue IT pathways. The larger vision? To cater to the increasing demand for skilled IT professionals across Hawaiʻi and within Hawaiian Airlines.

Matthew Chimbos, Managing Director of Information Technology at Hawaiian Airlines, was thrilled to meet these two shining stars in person. He sees a potential future where these students might join the Hawaiian Airlines team, making the scholarship investment worthwhile.

“ASU has been a great partner in providing impactful and relevant learning opportunities to Hawaiʻi students interested in the burgeoning IT sector, and I hope to see our scholarship recipients at Hawaiian Airlines in the future.”

Matthew Chimbos, Managing Director of Information Technology, Hawaiian Airlines

ASU’s Department of Information Systems is Among the Top 20 in the US

With its growing student population averaging 143,000, ASU is home to 702 Hawaiʻi students. It’s worth noting that the W. P. Carey Department of Information Systems consistently secures a position among the top 20 in the US, developing professionals adept in information systems and data analytics.

Developing Talent in Hawai’i

Hawaiian Airlines technicians teach vital aircraft maintenance skills to students at Honolulu Community College.

Hawaiian’s commitment doesn’t end with ASU. They’ve also gifted $100,000 to the University of Hawaiʻi (UH), aiding students in various IT disciplines. Further, the airline’s innovative program with Honolulu Community College is a testament to its commitment to nurturing local talent. At the Community College, Hawaiian Airlines’ technical specialists teach classes for the school’s Aeronautics Maintenance Program. Hawaiian also joined UH’s IT/Cyber Leap-Start Experience Excellerator program. The airline offers on-the-job training to local students.

The partnership between Hawaiian Airlines and educational institutions promises a brighter future for Hawai‘i’s students. Investing in IT professionals is a wise and necessary strategy as the world becomes more digitally connected. These scholarships are just the beginning.

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