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Virgin Atlantic Teams Up with Amperity for AI-Powered Customer Data Management

Virgin Atlantic and Amperity, a premier customer data platform, have unveiled a groundbreaking partnership. The venture aims to redefine the digital experience for travelers by leveraging first-party data. Here’s how this strategic alignment will shape up and what it means for Virgin Atlantic’s customers.

A New Era of Personalization

Virgin Atlantic has consistently emphasized the individual traveler’s experience. Now, by integrating Amperity’s AI-driven platform, the airline will ensure that this focus reaches new heights. This platform will allow the airline to seamlessly unify, manage, and activate its vast array of customer data, revolutionizing personalization. Travelers can anticipate an even more tailored and interconnected travel experience.

Virgin Atlantic Embracing AI

Virgin Atlantic announced a partnership with Fetcherr this July, which uses AI to intelligently match fares to market conditions, keeping the airline competitive.

Why This Matters

Amidst the age of digital transformation, airlines, like all businesses, are inundated with heaps of data. This data, when harnessed correctly, can translate into unparalleled customer experiences. For Virgin Atlantic, using Amperity’s platform is a significant stride towards creating a tailored ecosystem for every passenger.

Tom Barber, Head of Data at Virgin Atlantic, commented on this initiative, “When it comes to innovating for our customers, Virgin Atlantic never stands still. We’re building a digital core at the heart of our business so that our customers benefit from a seamless shop, book, and service experience for our flights and holidays, with an innate understanding of their preferences across the end-to-end journey. We’re excited to adopt Amperity to help us get to know our customers better than ever, supporting personalized and meaningful content and experiences at every touchpoint, with the advantage of consistent and secure first-party data and customer segmentation.”

The Magic Behind the Tech

Amperity’s platform is not just any regular customer data tool. It employs patented machine learning algorithms that offer unmatched identity resolution, audience segmentation, and predictive analytics. The end result? Virgin Atlantic can tailor content and communications for each customer with unparalleled precision.

Barry Padgett, CEO at Amperity, emphasized the importance of personalized customer interactions. “Today, customer data is at the heart of any ambitious organization, especially one that aspires to make every interaction feel more like it is a one-to-one experience versus a one-to-many approach. By tapping into Amperity, the platform for customer data, Virgin Atlantic can take advantage of patented identity resolution, with strict governance and activation capabilities that will make experiences even more connected and relevant.”

Looking Forward

Customers can anticipate seamlessly merging offline and online experiences as the partnership evolves. Whether you’re booking a flight, shopping for in-flight amenities, or exploring holiday options, expect the process to be deeply personalized, efficient, and user-centric.

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