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Airbus’ August Aircraft Orders and Deliveries: The Stats to Know

Airbus has published its aircraft order and delivery numbers as of August 2023. Here is a handy summary of the OEM’s performance compared to last year.

Airbus A321XLR Aircraft on display at Paris Air Show 2023.
A321XLR display at Paris Air Show. Photographer: Fernando Peralta Rodriguez, Copyright ©Airbus SAS 2023

Quick Numbers for August 2023

  • Deliveries: 52 Airbus aircraft delivered to 34 unique customers.
  • August Gross Orders: 117
  • Deliveries So Far This Year: 433 aircraft delivered to 77 customers.
  • Total Airbus Aircraft Orders to date: 1,257
  • Airbus Aircraft Orders (net) to date by type:
    • A220: 33
    • A319: 1
    • A320neo: 355
    • A321neo: 683
    • A330-800: 1
    • A330-900: 34
    • A350F: 5
    • A350-900: 29
    • A350-1000: 78

Airbus Order and Delivery Figures by Aircraft Models

Aircraft TypeTotal OrdersTotal DeliveriesAircraft in Operation
Source: Airbus

Airbus 2022 Deliveries Infographic

As a comparison to 2023 so far, Airbus supplies an infographic showing its 2022 Commercial Aircraft Performance.

Airbus 2022 commercial aircraft highlights infographic.

2022 Airbus Aircraft statistics:

  • Airbus saw a rebound in customer demand, with 820 net aircraft orders. A significant increase over the 507 orders in 2021 and the nadir of 268 orders in 2020.
  • Also, Airbus aircraft deliveries rose to 661.
  • Importantly, the OEM’s backlog rose for the first time since 2018, reaching 7239 aircraft.
  • In all, deliveries rose by 8%.
  • Airbus deliveries by aircraft type were:
    • A220: 53 aircraft (50 in 2021)
    • A319 & A320: 252 aircraft (262 in 2021)
    • A321: 264 aircraft (221 in 2021)
    • A330: 32 aircraft (18 in 2021)
    • A350: 60 aircraft (55 in 2021)
  • Airbus delivery percentages by market segment (region) were:
    • Lessors 28%
    • Americas 22%
    • Middle East & Africa 5%
    • Europe 23%
    • Asia/Pacific 21%
    • Other 1%

Airbus Achievements 2022

2022 was a hallmark year for Airbus. Shaking off the pandemic’s shackles, Airbus focused heavily on the single-aisle market. With a total of 1078 orders, the delivery statistics also highlighted the industry’s leaning towards fleet modernization. Airbus’ global network showcased an impeccable delivery of 661 aircraft from Hamburg to Toulouse.

Celebrations were in the air as Airbus’s A321XLR took its maiden flight from Hamburg. This achievement from the A320neo-family was complemented by Airbus delivering 516 A320-family aircraft from its global hubs.

Qantas Group ordered 12 A350-1000s aimed to bridge cities like Sydney and Melbourne with far-off destinations like London and New York for the airline’s ‘Project Sunrise.’

Airbus’ continued success, as they also logged 24 orders for the newly introduced A350F Freighter version.

The year included new operators like Starlux, Air Greenland, and Condor to the A330neo family. Embodying Airbus’s vision for sustainable aviation, the latest A330neo variant showcased significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Also, in 2022, Airbus’ delivery of the 220th A220 – an A220-300 – to JetBlue was another feather in its cap. From advanced aerodynamics to cutting-edge technology, the A220 continues progressing in commercial aviation.

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