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Get Ready for the Rise of Intermodal Travel, SITA Reports

Aviation technology leader SITA has published its Passenger Insights Report 2023, showing the results of a comprehensive passenger survey conducted at the beginning of the year. These insights suggest key focus areas for passenger experience investment for airlines and airports alike.  

Get ready for the rise of intermodal travel! In this third article in our series exploring the results of SITA’s comprehensive passenger survey, we delve into this trend and learn about passenger expectations for intermodal journeys.

Intermodal Travel Plans Increase 

According to SITA’s 2023 Passenger Insights Report, three-quarters of passengers expect to arrange at least one intermodal journey next year.

The survey data shows only 24% of respondents were disinclined to make intermodal plans. Remarkably, 36% of the respondents said they intend to reserve two to three intermodal journeys over the next year.

Passengers have shown great interest in improved baggagehandling for intermodal travel. The report reveals that a scant 12% of passengers are apathetic on this topic.

44% of respondents said they would prefer their luggage picked up from their home or hotel instead of the terminal. Any solution should offer passengers a choice between these alternatives, if feasible.  

Passenger Trends for Intermodal Travel Booking. SITA Report.
Source: SITA Passenger Insights Report 2023

The market for intermodal travel is big. With growing passenger demand for intermodal travel solutions, businesses should prioritize refining the baggage handling experience.

Facilitating a seamless travel experience for intermodal travelers will be a competitive advantage.

Efficient Bag Management and Effective Disruption Coordination Are Top Priorities for Passengers on Intermodal Journeys

Most useful 'Smart' solutions for intermodal travel, SITA Reports.
Source: SITA Passenger Insights 2023.

Looking deeper into passenger needs for smart solutions during an intermodal journey, baggage delivery appeals. 33% of passengers liked the notion of dropping off their luggage on departure and having it delivered to their destination. Importantly, 31% of passengers said operators must manage and coordinate any disruptions during the journey.

Meanwhile, fewer passengers (only 18%) favored joining the full intermodal travel experience in a single app. They are less interested in maintaining live communication at every stage of travel. Passengers are more drawn to having a specific part of their journey managed. They don’t want the journey interrupted by information and updates. 

Delegating baggage handling to smart systems aligns with the rising demand for automation and efficiency in intermodal travel. So does developing smart systems for disruption management.

These results suggest that businesses focusing on IT should concentrate on solutions that take the stress out of baggage. They should also improve disruption management. In conclusion, companies can offer passengers an intermodal travel experience that builds loyalty by using technology and intelligent systems.

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