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The Lilium Jet eVOTL Gets New Windows. Let’s Look Inside!

Rendering of Lilium Jet.
Source: Lilium

Lilium and Saint-Gobain Aerospace Partner on Next-gen eVTOL Windows and Windshields

Lilium N.V., pioneering an all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet, has teamed up with Saint-Gobain Aerospace for a better view. This collaboration aims to design, produce, and support the special windows and windshields for the Lilium Jet. These windows will ensure a pleasant passenger experience and meet the high standards of aircraft safety.

Why Are Windows Essential for Lilium’s Jet?

The design and functionality of windows on the Lilium Jet aren’t merely there for a pleasant view. They are pivotal for the jet’s safety and performance. Of course, they also improve the cabin ambiance. Lilium’s strategy is to work with industry leaders on development. Saint-Gobain Aerospace has a decades-long legacy supplying top-tier cockpit and cabin windows.

Lilium Jet cockpit rendering, showing pilot windows and flight deck.
Source: Lilium

What Sets Lilium Jet Windows Apart?

Well, first, they’ll be big. It takes skill to develop large windows that must secure the cabin and can hold up through the challenges of flying.

Saint-Gobain, with their tailor-made designs for the Lilium Jet, promises windows that are:

  • Lightweight to ensure the jet’s efficiency.
  • Anti-icing and anti-fogging, improving visibility, and reducing energy use.
  • Durable, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • Optimal for passenger comfort with superior visibility, sound insulation, and adept temperature and light regulation.
  • Certifiable, meeting regulatory standards. The cockpit windshields guarantee pilot visibility and resistance to bird strikes, ensuring pilot safety.

Saint-Gobain Aerospace’s commitment throughout this partnership is to up the ante on window performance and introduce novel capabilities enhancing the performance of Lilium Jets.

What the Leaders Have to Say

Martin Schuebel, Lilium’s Senior Vice President of Procurement, explained the significance of this collaboration. He said, “Drawing on decades of expertise in the aviation industry, Saint-Gobain Aerospace will bring best-in-class window innovation to the Lilium Jet. Our partnership is yet another step towards delivering unparalleled passenger experience while meeting the aviation industry’s stringent safety and performance requirements.”

Echoing the enthusiasm, Sylvain Mourlhon, Saint-Gobain Aerospace Sales Director, remarked, “The eVTOL market is a promising strategic market. Saint-Gobain Aerospace is determined to bring innovative solutions to support a safer and greener aviation industry. We’re excited to partner with Lilium and bring solutions that will shape the future of sustainable air mobility.”

Inside the Lilium Jet

Lilium and Diehl Aviation Join Forces for Revolutionary Jet Cabin Interiors

In the summer of last year, Lillium announced it had picked Diehl Aviation to work on the Lillium jet cabin. Diehl supports Lilium with design, development, integration, and manufacturing of the cabin interiors for the Lilium Jet.

Why Diehl Aviation?

With a rich history of working with aircraft OEMs, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer, Diehl Aviation stands out as a supplier of aircraft systems and cabin solutions. Diehl’s strengths align with Lilium’s goals.

  • Pioneering innovative aircraft cabin interiors.
  • Comprehensive experience in developing, specifying, and certifying lightweight materials.
  • Mastery over integrating a variety of systems.

What Does the Lilium and Diehl Collaboration Entail?

The scope isn’t limited to just design. The duo will co-develop various critical parts of the Lilium Jet’s cabin, including:

  • Passenger cabin’s side walls.
  • Ceiling panels and partitions.
  • Luggage compartments and cabin floors.
  • The full cabin lining of the cockpit.

Furthermore, Diehl will bring state-of-the-art lighting solutions to the jet, using the latest LED technology tailored to eVTOL requirements. The air-conditioning ducts, made from ultra-light composite materials, and innovative solutions like foam granulates for air outlets further showcase Diehl’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

A Partnership for the Future of eVTOL Flight

Martin Schuebel, Lilium’s Senior Vice President of Procurement, emphasized the synergy between the two giants, stating, “Diehl Aviation’s established proficiency in integrating cabin systems and their support for the eVTOL sector makes them an ideal partner for Lilium. Teaming up with top-tier aerospace companies like Diehl aligns perfectly with our strategy. We’re confident that, working together, we’ll accelerate the Lilium Jet’s journey towards type certification and mass production.”

Harald Mehring, Chief Customer Officer at Diehl Aviation, said, “We’re thrilled to extend our expertise in cabin interiors to the innovative Lilium Jet. Lilium’s trust in us is a testament to our capabilities, and we’re eager to play our part in shaping sustainable mobility.”

In summary, this collaboration between Lilium and Diehl Aviation is set to redefine cabin experience in the eVTOL segment, merging established expertise with cutting-edge innovation to usher in a new era of electric aviation.

Growing Demand for Lilium Jet

Flourishing interest in Lilium led to 11 new orders from ASL Group and Air-Dynamic at EBACE. With this order, Lilium’s potential sales pipeline rose to 645 jets. Interested parties span the world, from Europe to South America, the Middle East, and the US.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Raised an additional $192 million in capital supported by leading German technology investors. This funding allows Lilium to continue Lilium Jet development at full pace.
  • EASA conducted a final Design Organization Approval (DOA) audit, keeping Lilium on track to obtain DOA by the end of this year.
  • Received FAA G-1 certification basis for the Lilium Jet. Lilium is the only eVTOL manufacturer with an EASA and FAA certification basis for a powered lift eVTOL aircraft.
  • Entered an important partnership in China with the Bao’an District of Shenzhen municipality. Also, Lililum obtained a preliminary agreement with Heli-Eastern for 100 Lilium Jets.
  • Made significant progress on type-conforming aircraft development, including completion of wind tunnel testing. The company completed testing of the first prototype DENSO e-motor on a Lilium test rig. Lilium also completed the testing of its first primary aircraft structures and composite parts.
  • Q2 adjusted cash spend, keeping within budget. To achieve this, the company enacted efficiencies and prioritized key program milestones.

Lilium CEO Klaus Roewe commented:

“The enormously positive response to our Lilium Jet cabin at the Paris Air Show in June highlighted our confidence in our go to market strategy and developing the eVTOL that customers demand.  We are pleased to have continued in Q2 to meet all key development and certification milestones for the targeted first pilot-operated flight of our type-conforming Lilium Jet in late 2024.”

About Lilium: Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow

Championing a cleaner, more efficient mode of air travel, Lilium (NASDAQ: LILM) is working on the future of Urban Air Mobility. Their electric-powered Lilium Jet is a commitment to zero-emission air travel, blending efficiency with sustainability. Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Lilium’s robust team includes 450 aerospace experts.

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