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Qatar Airways Cargo and DSV Introduce a New Route from Huntsville Boosting Connectivity to Europe and the Middle East

Qatar Airways Cargo has announced a pivotal partnership with DSV Global Transportation and Logistics. This partnership marks the inauguration of a new, biweekly air freight route from Huntsville, USA, to Doha, Qatar. It further extends access to various regions, including Europe and the Middle East.

Qatar Airways Cargo
Qatar Airways Cargo Boeing 777F. Credit:Bjoern Wylezich

An Insight into the New “Gateway Star” Route

This route, which launched on 7 September and named the “Gateway Star,” enhances North America’s freight connectivity. Two Boeing 777 freighters will operate from Felipe Ángeles International Airport in Mexico every week, pass through Huntsville, and then go to Doha via Luxembourg. Each of these freighters boasts a hefty 200-tonne capacity. The designated cargo flight days from Huntsville are Thursday and Sunday.

A Strategic Expansion

Ms. Elisabeth Oudkerk, SVP Cargo Sales and Network Planning at Qatar Airways Cargo, expressed excitement over the new partnership. “This strategic initiative not only expands DSV’s market reach but also establishes a direct scheduled service from Mexico City to Europe, Middle East, and beyond via the strategic hubs of Huntsville, US, and Luxembourg.”

Mads Ravn, Executive Vice President at DSV, expresses his enthusiasm. “Our partnership with Qatar Airways Cargo signifies a remarkable leap forward. This new air freight service underscores our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing logistics and ushering unparalleled connectivity to our valued clients. By collaborating with Qatar Airways Cargo, we extend our market presence and create avenues for seamless access to the Middle East with a keen focus on boosting our oil and gas vertical.”

Major Exports from Huntsville Automotive Supply Chain and Perishables

The predominant exports from Huntsville to be transported on these new cargo flights include Auto parts destined for various European manufacturers. In addition, perishables and cars from Mexico will be a significant portion of the cargo. With the integration of Huntsville into its routes, Qatar Airways Cargo now caters to 22 American destinations. The airline’s freighter and passenger belly-hold flights combined offer an impressive weekly cargo capacity exceeding 5,500 tonnes.

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