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SWISS Makes Room For More Luxurious Premium Economy Inside the A350-900 ‘SWISS Senses’ Cabin

SWISS is all set to redefine luxury in the skies with its Airbus A350-900 fleet. Marking a significant milestone, the airline has finalized the cabin layouts for this advanced long-haul twin-aisle aircraft. A notable feature? An expanded Premium Economy Class that caters to the increasing demand for an enhanced leisure air travel experience.

A Refined Air Travel Experience with SWISS’s Airbus A350-900

From 2025, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) passengers can expect a journey like never before. As Switzerland’s premier airline prepares to introduce the Airbus A350-900 to its fleet, SWISS intends to offer an unparalleled experience. This means thoughtfully designed seat configurations, aisles, toilets, galleys, and more. Additionally, travelers can look forward to the new SWISS Senses’ cabin concept, promising a more personalized flying experience.

Premium Economy Gets a Major Upgrade

The SWISS Airbus A350-900’s cabin features:

  • 3 in First Class
  • 45 in Business Class
  • 38 in Premium Economy Class
  • 156 in Economy Class

Receiving the Airbus A350-900s directly from the factory, SWISS has uniquely tailored its interiors to meet its signature standards.

Video Tour Inside the SWISS Senses Cabin

A Strategic Move to Meet Demand

The emphasis on a larger Premium Economy Class, with 38 seats, is a strategic move. SWISS recognizes the growing demand for this premium segment, especially among leisure travelers.

SWISS’s Chief Commercial Officer, Tamur Goudarzi Pour, highlighted the reason for this upgrade. “Through their carefully conceived spatial design, all our seating classes aboard our aircraft will offer our guests a totally new and unparalleled air travel experience from 2025 onwards. With our new cabin concept, we will still remain the only major airline in the world to offer a First Class cabin on all its long-haul aircraft. We will also be increasing the size of our Premium Economy Class, which has proved very popular. And in both these respects, we are further clearly positioning SWISS as Europe’s leading premium airline.”

Embracing the Future with Airbus A350

From 2025, SWISS will begin the phased induction of five Airbus A350-900 aircraft. These state-of-the-art twin-aisle aircraft will replace the airline’s existing Airbus A340-300s. The A350 stands out not just for its advanced features but also its eco-friendliness. It boasts 25% fewer carbon dioxide emissions than its predecessors and operates at half the noise. Fuel efficiency is another feather in its cap, consuming only 2.5 liters per passenger for every 100 kilometers.

Inside the ‘SWISS Senses’ Experience

Prepare to immerse yourself in a transcendent air travel experience with the ‘SWISS Senses’ initiative, starting in 2025. This marks a massive transformation in the airline’s long-haul fleet interiors, signaling a step forward in passenger-focused, personalized air travel.

A New Dawn in Air Travel with ‘SWISS Senses’

The SWISS Senses cabin promises passengers a completely revamped and personalized air journey.

Dieter Vranckx, the CEO of SWISS, said of the new cabin interiors: “This is the most comprehensive cabin renewal in our company’s history. As a premium airline, we want to pay due and full regard to our customers’ desire for more individuality. And with this extremely high-quality product, we can continue to meet all our high aspirations.”

Redefined Interiors and Enhanced Comfort

SWISS’s ambition to redefine luxury and comfort is evident:

  • Colors and Materials: The cabins have adopted muted shades of claret, anthracite, and beige. This sophisticated color scheme exudes calm and comfort.
  • SWISS First & Business: One of the significant introductions is SWISS’s first-ever suites in the SWISS First and some sections of the SWISS Business classes.
  • Human-Centric Lighting: All cabins will boast new lighting that counters jet lag, ensuring passengers feel refreshed.
  • State-of-the-art Entertainment: Bigger screens and connectivity options for passengers’ personal devices ensure entertainment is always at hand.

SWISS Senses: An Overview of Cabin Classes

SWISS A350-900 Seat Map
A350-900 Seat Map SWISS

SWISS First: The zenith of privacy, the new SWISS First suites are perfect for those who appreciate solitude and luxury. They feature:

  • Slidable doors for complete privacy
  • A large personal wardrobe and seat table
  • Suite-wide screen display
  • Innovative washroom design inspired by Vals spring in Canton Graubünden, offering a rejuvenating ambiance.

Inside SWISS Senses First Class

The new SWISS First suites offer their guests total privacy with closable sliding doors, a spacious personal wardrobe, a large seat table, seat heating and cooling, a wireless charging station, and a screen display as wide as the suite itself.

Two can travel together in the cabin’s center suite. The suites’ warm colors and wood finishes convey a strong sense of luxury, comfort, and calm with private-jet quality surroundings.

The new SWISS First cabin also features an advanced and spacious new washroom (lavatory). The design draws inspiration from the famous spring in Vals in Canton Graubünden. It has a slate-black exterior and a green interior, alluding to the fresh and cooling water of the spring.

Inside SWISS Senses Business Class

SWISS Business: Addressing a wide array of passenger preferences, the cabin provides:

  • Classic business seats
  • Double seats for co-travelers
  • Sliding doors for selected seats
  • Heating, cooling, and wireless charging facilities.

The totally redesigned SWISS Business cabin meets a wide range of passenger needs. In addition to ‘classic’ Business Class seats, the new cabin offers various further seating options, such as double seats for passengers traveling together. Select seats feature a sliding door for privacy.

All the new SWISS Business seats feature seat heating and cooling and a wireless charging station. The cabin’s top-quality materials in claret and anthracite help convey an extremely cozy and intimate ambiance throughout.

Inside SWISS Senses Premium Economy

SWISS Premium Economy: Continuing to serve passengers with the highly acclaimed Premium Economy seat, SWISS reaffirms its commitment to superior comfort and service in this class.

The highly popular SWISS Premium Economy Class will remain integral to the new air travel experience with its greater seat comfort and superior cabin service.

SWISS was the first airline in the Lufthansa Group to introduce the new Premium Economy seat, which set industry benchmarks. It is a very spacious 48-centimeter wide and offers one-meter pitch. leaving plenty of room to stretch your legs.

Inside SWISS Senses Economy Class

SWISS Economy: The revamped Economy class promises:

  • Enhanced seat pitch
  • Over 13-inch high-res screens
  • Convenient storage solutions and USB ports

The new SWISS Economy cabin features comfortable and functional seats. Critically, their clever design increases seat pitch (legroom). The new seats have an amenity storage facility and a USB port.

Every seat will also feature a more than 13-inch high-resolution screen. The flight might feel too short with the airline’s extensive new inflight entertainment system.

Economy class SWISS Senses on the A350-900

Take note: The first seat rows offer additional room.

Expect More from SWISS

Notably, SWISS intends to retrofit these new interiors on its long-haul fleet. The transformation will begin with the Airbus A330-300 fleet and later encompass the Boeing 777-300ERs. Of course, the much-anticipated Airbus A350-900s will come pre-equipped with these luxurious cabins made to match the quality of service onboard.

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