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Vietnam Airlines Orders 50 Boeing 737 MAX to Expand Growing Fleet

Vietnam Airlines has committed to acquiring 50 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes as part of its strategic fleet expansion. The commitment, centered around the 737-8 model, fortifies Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Vietnam Airlines’ longstanding partnership.

Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Vietnam Airlines announced the carrier has selected Boeing’s family of fuel-efficient airplanes to expand its future fleet with 50 737 MAX airplanes. (Boeing image)

The 737 MAX offers enhanced fuel efficiency and environmental performance, with flexibility that makes it ideal for Vietnam’s burgeoning aviation market. The announcement occurred during a signing ceremony in the presence of President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, White House officials, and key Vietnamese government leaders.

(From left to right) Mr. Nguyen Chien Thang, Technical Executive Vice President, Vietnam Airlines; Mr. Le Hong Ha, President and CEO, Vietnam Airlines; Dr. Brendan Nelson, President, Boeing Global; Mr. Dang Ngoc Hoa, Chairman, Vietnam Airlines; Mr. Brad McMullen, Senior Vice President Boeing Commercial Sales; and Marketing; Mr. Michael Nguyen, Managing Director, Boeing Vietnam gather on Sept. 11 in Hanoi to celebrate Vietnam Airlines’ commitment to 50 737-8 MAX airplanes.

Highlighting the bilateral benefits, US and Vietnamese officials said the move would augment job opportunities in both nations and intensify their economic collaboration. Vietnam Airlines’ embrace of the 737 MAX suits the nation’s ambition to emerge as a major aviation hub.

Dang Ngoc Hoa, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Vietnam Airlines, expressed optimism, stating, “In line with Vietnam Airlines’ 2025-2030 fleet strategy and a vision to 2035, aircraft investment is a crucial project that underpins positive recovery momentum and prosperous outlook for the airline. The new narrow-body fleet will allow us to foster our overall development and extend our high-quality service on Vietnam Airlines’ domestic and Asian routes, as well as modernize our fuel-efficient fleet”

Boeing’s Senior VP of Commercial Sales and Marketing, Brad McMullen added: “Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing aviation markets, and the 737 MAX is the perfect airplane for Vietnam Airlines to efficiently meet that regional demand. We value our historic partnership with Vietnam Airlines, dating back to 1995 when the airline first leased 767s.”

The 737 MAX has over 100 customers globally, with 5,600 firm orders. It reduces fuel use and carbon emissions by 20% and has a significantly quieter noise profile. Enhanced in-cabin features like LED lighting, contemporary sidewalls, and spacious overhead bins elevate passenger comfort.

Vietnam Airlines will harness the 737 MAX’s capabilities to cover up to 3,500 nautical miles, aligning with growing international and regional travel trends. Currently, the airline boasts 15 787 Dreamliner aircraft and serves over 50 destinations across 17 countries. The airline’s passengers enjoy loyalty benefits across 1,000 global destinations as part of the SkyTeam Alliance.

Boeing’s commitment to Vietnam is deep-rooted, with offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City ensuring a collaborative and resilient global supply chain.

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