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Norwegian Expands 2024 Summer Schedule with New Routes and More Tickets

Norwegian has released its new schedule for summer 2024. Marking a significant expansion, the airline is launching 279 routes now available for booking. Notably, this announcement includes introducing new routes from Tromsø to iconic cities such as Berlin, Paris, and Bergamo/Milano, set to start on January 15th.

Catering extensively to the Nordic market, Norwegian aims to bridge the Nordic countries with attractive city escapes and beach destinations throughout Europe. Their 2024 summer schedule, spanning March to October, will introduce more routes and frequent flights. Such an enhanced capacity assures passengers of broader travel choices.

Magnus Maursund, Chief Commercial Officer at Norwegian, remarked, “We are very pleased with the summer season of 2023. High demand for air travel will make it one of the best in our history.”

Next summer, the airline plans to add more aircraft to its fleet. This will allow Norwegian to launch new routes and add frequencies to their existing route network. The expanded network will include attractive destinations for business and leisure travelers alike.

For those curious about the flight distribution per market, here’s a breakdown:

  • Norway: 150 routes
  • Denmark: 64 routes
  • Sweden: 54 routes
  • Finland: 21 routes

(Note: The above numbers don’t sum up to 279, as inter-market routes are double-counted.)

737-MAX 8 Aircraft

To ensure seamless operations, by next summer, Norwegian’s fleet will boast around 90 aircraft, many of which are the advanced Boeing 737-MAX 8. This modernization isn’t merely about passenger comfort – it’s also a testament to Norwegian’s commitment to sustainability. A modern fleet promises better fuel efficiency, thereby curbing emissions.

About Norwegian

Established as the largest Norwegian airline, Norwegian is one of Europe’s top low-cost carriers. With a robust team of 4,500 employees, the company has successfully flown over 300 million passengers since its inception in 2002. Their primary mission is to provide affordable air travel. The airline has committed to providing sustainable flights. By 2030, Norwegian pledges to reduce its CO2 emissions by 45%. A series of measures, from fleet renewal and sustainable aviation fuel adoption to waste reduction and smart flight routing, underscores this commitment.

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