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Emirates, Dubai DET, and ASATA Roll Out Free Online Travel Agent Training to Boost Industry Skills

The travel industry is gradually regaining momentum. Emirates teamed up with the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) and the Association of South African Travel Agents (ASATA) to encourage this trend. Together, they provide a new and enriching online training program for travel professionals.

Emirates launches free online course to improve travel agent training in South Africa.

The initiative is free of charge and aims to empower budding and established travel professionals. The coursework offers a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s core principles. It prepares travel professionals for the increasingly dynamic global travel landscape.

Unlocking Professional Potential

The courses are accessible via the Dubai College of Tourism (DCT) online platform, a trusted educational resource within the industry. South African travel professionals can avail themselves of multiple training resources and courses. These will guide them in mastering the ins and outs of the travel business. That includes anything from understanding the role of a travel agent and key industry jargon to mastering travel bookings.

Furthermore, the content-rich and engaging courses give participants a deep dive into the travel industry’s value chain. They use Dubai, a top South African destination, as a prime example. In addition, Emirates’ products and services are highlighted to offer learners an authentic feel of the airline retailing experience.

Certified Expertise

Travel professionals who complete the travel agent training courses will earn a certificate. This accreditation will be endorsed by Emirates, ASATA, and the Dubai College of Tourism. This will give travel agents an edge, advancing their career path.

Future-Proofing Travel

Afzal Parambil, Emirates Regional Manager for Southern Africa, emphasized the program’s relevance. “The travel industry in South Africa is slowly regaining momentum. A key driver in building back stronger will be having the right people with the right skills. That much-needed reinforcement will develop a more agile and future-proof travel sector. Emirates is proud to do our part and offer courses in partnership with the Dubai College of Tourism and ASATA. They will provide significant skills that meet the sector’s needs. Also offering recognized knowledge and qualifications to develop a solid pool of highly trained, effective travel professionals.”

Knowledge Through Training

Essa Bin Hadher, General Manager Dubai College of Tourism, reflected on the essence of the program. “Knowledge through training is critical for career development, skill enhancement, and increased employability. Dubai College of Tourism (DCT), via our online training platform, is happy to play a pivotal role in meeting the aspirations of tourism professionals. By offering programs meticulously tailored to the industry’s specific requirements, we enable students to flourish in their working environment.”

Progress Through Collaboration

Otto de Vries, CEO of the Association of Southern African Travel Agents, highlighted the importance of continuous learning in the sector. “The Association of South African Travel Agents believes that offering free online training courses to existing travel professionals will empower them with essential skills. It underscores the commitment to quality education and development within the sector when it comes to selling Dubai. This initiative exemplifies how collaboration can drive progress and equip professionals with the tools to excel in a dynamic industry.”

For more course details, travel professionals can visit the Dubai College of Tourism website:

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