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Icelandair Cargo Undergoes Leadership Transition: Gunnar Már Sigurfinnsson Steps Down

Gunnar Már Sigurfinnsson, the Managing Director of Icelandair Cargo, has announced his immediate resignation. Sigurfinnsson, who has been with Icelandair since 1986, will exit his role in the company’s Executive Committee but promises to stay onboard in a supportive capacity for the foreseeable future.

Icelandair Cargo

Einar Már Guðmundsson: Interim Managing Director of Icelandair Cargo

Having championed several pivotal roles within Icelandair, Sigurfinnsson’s departure marks the end of an era. However, the company is set to experience a seamless transition with Einar Már Guðmundsson, the current Director of Icelandair’s Technical Operations, stepping in as the Interim Managing Director of Icelandair Cargo. Guðmundsson, with his enriched professional background including his tenure at Rio Tinto Alcan and Skeljungur, and holding degrees from prestigious institutions like the Copenhagen Business School and the University of Akureyri, is poised to navigate Icelandair Cargo through these dynamic times.

The search for a permanent successor to lead the vital cargo unit is underway. This transition underlines the company’s commitment to stability and future growth, ensuring continued success in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

Gratitude for Sigurfinnsson’s Decades of Service

Bogi Nils Bogason, the President & CEO of Icelandair Group, expressed his gratitude to Sigurfinnsson. “Gunnar Már has been an important team member at Icelandair for decades, where he has served in various important roles within the Company. He has been part of Icelandair’s Executive Management since 2005, serving as Chief Commercial Officer for over 5 years. He has then successfully led Icelandair Cargo for 15 years. He played a vital role during the Covid-19 pandemic by seizing opportunities within the cargo business and generating important revenue while Icelandair faced unprecedented difficulties. On behalf of the Icelandair team, I want to thank Gunnar Már for his invaluable service. I look forward to continuing working with him on the important projects ahead of us in the upcoming months.”

A Long and Varied Career at Icelandair

Echoing the sentiments, Gunnar Már Sigurfinnsson, in his parting words, shared, “I am immensely proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to work for Icelandair Group on numerous projects throughout my career. My career started in Vestmannaeyjar in 1986 and has now spanned a wide range of roles, from ground handling services all the way to the Executive Committee. During this time, I have enjoyed working with great people in Iceland and at the company’s offices abroad – always focused on a common goal during good and bad times. Icelandair has tremendous opportunities for further growth and an excellent group of employees who will ensure long-term success. I wish everyone in the Icelandair family success in their work and will continue to be there to assist on the important tasks ahead at the Company.”

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