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SAS Wins Coveted Red Dot Award for Its Newly Redesigned App

In the highly competitive landscape of mobile applications, achieving an exquisite balance between functionality and aesthetics is rare. SAS has done just that, and the airline’s redesigned mobile app is now a proud recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Award. This is not just an accolade; it’s a testament to the app’s unmatched design, unparalleled functionality, and superior user experience.

The Red Dot Award stands as a beacon of excellence in design and creativity. Organized by the esteemed Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany, this competition dates back to 1955. The accolade has become a hallmark of outstanding design achievements across various disciplines.

Notably, SAS wasn’t just awarded any category but was recognized in the Brands & Communication Design 2023 category. This speaks volumes about the app’s seamless user interface and the undying commitment of the SAS team to uphold the user experience.

A Trusted Travel Companion for a Decade

What’s fascinating is the journey of the SAS app. It has been a trusted companion for millions of travelers for over a decade. 2022 marked a significant milestone for the app. SAS, with its vision crystal clear, embarked on a mission to amplify the customer experience. And they did so by collaborating with the most critical stakeholders – their customers. The revamped app, introduced at the end of 2022, is a product of relentless feedback and continuous refinement.

On this momentous occasion, Charlotte Svensson, EVP & CIO at SAS, said, “We are thrilled to receive a Red Dot Award for our app. This achievement results from the hard work and dedication of our talented team and all supporting teams, who continuously strive to create innovative solutions that deliver exceptional experiences for our customers.”

The redesigned app isn’t just about aesthetics. It brings many new features: a streamlined booking process, travel recommendations tailored to users, real-time flight updates, and effortless access to critical travel essentials like boarding passes and documents. The revamped navigation and the visually arresting interface seamlessly align with SAS’ refreshed brand identity.

Massimo Pascotto, spearheading the Prepare & Travel, Digital & IT segment at SAS, shared, “When we started building the redesigned app, our goal was to provide a user-friendly experience that makes travel planning simple and hassle-free through a beautiful and modern design. We’re delighted to see that our efforts are being recognized.”

SAS App Features

SAS App functions

Check-in from your home and get your boarding pass on your phone for easy access, even when you don’t have wifi.

  • Manage your booking
  • Change your booking
  • Get flight updates sent to your phone.
  • Enjoy quick access to all the details of your trip.
  • Keep track of your checked-in luggage
  • Add extras, including inflight meals, extra bags, lounge access, and upgrades to a more comfortable travel class.
  • Easy check-in
    • Check-in starts 22 hours before departure.
    • Get your digital boarding card instantly and add it to your Apple Wallet.
    • Choose your favorite seat.
    • Save your passport information for a smoother experience.
  • EuroBonus members
    • Access your digital EuroBonus membership card.
    • See your point balance.
  • Entertainment
    • Starting 22 hours before departure, you can read newspapers, magazines, and books in the app in several languages, free of charge.

In essence, the Red Dot Award affirms design excellence, quality, and groundbreaking creativity. SAS’s redesigned app, with its stellar features and user experience, undeniably fits the bill.

The SAS app is available for download for Apple and Android devices.

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