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Emirates Unveils Extended In-flight Meal Preordering Service for European Routes

Emirates is upgrading in-flight dining. Following its successful introduction on UK routes, the airline is rolling out in-flight meal preordering in Europe. The service has expanded to encompass destinations including Warsaw, Venice, Rome, Bologna, Prague, Vienna, Moscow, Istanbul, Dublin, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Brussels, and Madrid. It’s also worth noting that Seychelles and Mauritius have also been included in this exciting extension.

Travelers can reserve their Emirates in-flight meal on flights to Europe via the airline's website and app.

A Tailored Dining Experience Awaits

For those who prioritize a fine dining experience even while soaring above the clouds, Emirates offers a sumptuous in-flight menu. This expanded service lets Business Class travelers preselect their desired main course up to two weeks before their journey and as late as 24 hours before their flight departure. This guarantees they’ll enjoy their favorite dishes and contributes to the airline’s efforts to minimize food wastage.

Craving a culinary journey? Passengers can explore the onboard menu on the Emirates website or the official Emirates app. They can pick their in-flight meal from an array of regionally inspired delicacies. The choices are vast, from indulgent chocolate hazelnut pancakes with apricot compote and ricotta sour cream for your morning feast to sumptuous beef tenderloin with thyme jus for lunch. Not to mention the delightful pan-fried salmon trout with a hint of saffron cream. Now, reserving your Emirates in-flight meal preference is only a few clicks or phone taps away.

Travelers flying to Europe with can now review the meal options in Emirates flights and add an in-flight meal that suits them through the Emirates website or app.

Emirates is passionate about attention to detail. Thus, the dedicated cabin crew accesses the preordered selections on digital devices upon boarding. This ensures a seamless and personalized service for each passenger. This innovation is a splendid addition to Emirates’ comprehensive digital suite. The airline tracks customer preferences using AI, ensuring effective menu planning, apt food loading, and robust efforts in waste reduction.

Emirates is Elevating the Digital Journey

Emirates remains at the forefront of introducing digitally enhanced experiences for its passengers. The meal-preordering service seamlessly integrates with other digital services offered by the airline. From convenient website and app check-ins, digital boarding passes, and effortless Skywards sign-ups for immediate free Wi-Fi messaging onboard to advanced ice inflight entertainment playlist customization, Emirates is shaping the future of air travel.

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