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Schiphol Airport August 2023 Traffic and Transport: Stats to Know

As one of Europe’s premier aviation hubs, Schiphol Airport‘s traffic and transport figures for August 2023 offer a glimpse into the pulse of global travel. With rising numbers of passengers and flights, Schiphol continues its upward trend. Let’s dive into the figures.

Schiphol Airport
Traffic & Transport Schiphol August2021 2022 2023 
Number of passengers 3,787,215 5,327,361 6,053,641 
Number of commercial flights 31,847 37,730 41,584 
Number of cargo flights 1,743 1,405 1,270 
Transported tonnage 130,844 116,876 110,126 
Source: Schiphol Airport

Passenger Traffic: Surging Numbers

Schiphol welcomed over 6 million passengers in both July and August. In August 2023, 3.9 million passengers either started their journey at Schiphol or had Schiphol as their destination. An additional 2.1 million used the airport for transfers. Note: more than a million of these were unique transfer passengers. Based on international counting standards, these passengers are counted twice: when they arrive and depart.

Comparing these figures to the past:

  • 2021: 3,787,215 passengers
  • 2022: 5,327,361 passengers
  • 2023: 6,053,641 passengers

This indicates a consistent yearly growth in passenger numbers.

Top Destinations: Europe Remains King

European destinations continue to be a significant draw for Schiphol. Almost 4.3 million passengers either arrived from or headed to European cities, showing a 14% growth compared to 2022. On the other hand, intercontinental travel saw almost 1.8 million passengers, growing by 12% from the previous year.

Spain led the list of the most popular destinations, attracting over 280,000 passengers in August 2023 alone. It was closely followed by the United Kingdom with 238,000 passengers and Greece with 137,000. Other global favorites included Italy, Turkey, and the United States.

Flight Numbers: Upward Bound

August 2023 recorded 41,584 flights to and from Schiphol, marking a 10% growth from 2022. Most of these, 33,964 to be precise, were European bound, and 7,620 were headed to or arrived from intercontinental destinations.

Cargo Traffic: A Slight Dip

While passenger numbers and flights saw an increase, cargo flights witnessed a decrease. Specifically, all-cargo flights shrank 9% compared to August 2022, totaling 1,270 in August 2023. The tonnage transported also saw a dip of 6%, amounting to 110,126 tonnes for the month.

Looking Up

Schiphol’s figures underline its pivotal role in European and global air travel as travel demands evolve. While the cargo figures have room for improvement, the overall stats indicate a bustling, thriving airport ready to meet the world’s travel and transport needs.

Detailed breakdown of Schiphol’s August Performance

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