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Lufthansa Trachtencrews Elevate Oktoberfest 2023

Dirndls and Lederhosen are Back! Lufthansa Ramps Up Oktoberfest Celebrations With Traditional Bavarian Uniforms on Flights from Munich

As Oktoberfest 2023 gets underway, Lufthansa is elevating the festivities to merge tradition with travel. As Munich’s legendary Oktoberfest kicks off, the Lufthansa Trachtencrews are again set for takeoff. Decked in dirndls and lederhosen, the airline’s celebratory crew uniforms fit the rich Bavarian culture and its iconic Oktoberfest.

Lufthansa Tranchtencrew decked out for Oktoberfest 2023
Center from left: Benedikt Schneider, Leiter Cabin Crew Frankfurt & Munich, Heiko Reitz, CCO Lufthansa Airlines, Jost Lammers, CEO Munich Airport. Source: Lufthansa

The Lufthansa Trachtencrew Onboard Select Destinations

This isn’t a mere yearly ritual but a legacy for the airline. Select flights during the Oktoberfest season, departing Munich to various destinations across Germany, Europe, and beyond, are graced by flight attendants in dirndls and lederhosen. The first Trachtencrew flight this year flew from Munich to Mexico City. On September 24, a “Dirndl Flight” is all set to land in Washington, D.C. It’s a festive transformation in the skies and on the ground! Lufthansa’s ground staff in Terminal 2’s passenger service department proudly sport the traditional attire.

Authenticity and Sustainability: The Making of the Lufthansa Dirndl Uniform

The enchanting Lufthansa dirndl worn by the crew is about aesthetics and quality. Crafted meticulously by Munich’s costume design experts, Angermaier, the dirndl stands out both for its beauty and its sustainability. Adhering to the “STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX”, each dirndl is a statement of eco-friendly fashion. The Oktoberfest uniforms are sustainable using materials sourced exclusively from Europe, including cloth woven solely in Austria.

Lufthansa staff station staff also wears dirndl and lederhosen as well.

Oktoberfest Above the Clouds

Lufthansa isn’t limiting the Oktoberfest celebrations to just attire. First and Business Class passengers will enjoy Bavarian specialties throughout September, keeping the Oktoberfest vibe alive at 30,000 ft. And for those awaiting their flights in Terminal lounges? It’s Oktoberfest there, too, with a spread of traditional Bavarian delicacies set to tantalize taste buds.

Lufthansa kickstarts Oktoberfest 2023 with a blend of tradition, travel, and taste. The Trachtencrew ensures that the spirit of Bavaria takes flight.

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