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Changi Airport Celebrates Lee Kuan Yew’s Vision with ‘The Courage to Dream’ Exhibition

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In a heartening tribute to Singapore’s founder, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, Changi Airport has unveiled its latest exhibition: ‘The Courage to Dream – The Making of the Changi Airport Story’. Open to the public from 16 to 30 September at Jewel Changi Airport’s Cloud9 Piazza, this LKY100 commemorative exhibition highlights the groundbreaking contributions of Mr. Lee to Singapore’s aviation hub.

Singapore Changi Airport's Courage to Dream exhibition honors the contributions of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

Discover The Changi Airport Journey from the 1970s Onward

As visitors traverse the six interactive zones of the exhibition, they’re taken on a transformative journey. Beginning from the early days of Paya Lebar Airport in the 1970s, the narrative transitions to the complexities and challenges faced while considering relocating the airport. Through a blend of interactive digital activities and story exhibits, the exhibit unravels the dilemmas and considerations of that era.

Changi Airport Journey from the 1970s under Lee Kuan Yew's visionary leadership.

The exhibition chronicles the events after the 1973 oil crisis, Mr. Lee’s persuasive conviction about Changi, and the pivotal role of the Special Committee on Airport Development (SCAD) in fast-tracking Changi Airport’s establishment. Visitors can also see the rare SCAD final report cover page, bearing the decision to greenlight Changi Airport’s development.

Changi Airport’s Ascension to Global Acclaim

Venturing further into the narrative, attendees can follow Changi Airport’s journey from the 2000s to now. The airport pursued excellence under Mr. Lee’s meticulous guidance. His advocacy for impeccable cleanliness and his zeal for innovation was instrumental in Changi Airport securing its title as the world’s most-awarded airport. Viewing the initial master plan 1981 and its evolution, visitors witness how Changi transformed from a single terminal into a global beacon of travel excellence.

A Glimpse into the Future of Aviation

Foreshadowing what lies ahead, the exhibition delves into the future of aviation and Changi Airport’s pivotal role in it. Emphasizing decisions made decades ago. It showcases how foresighted planning, such as the 1990s land reclamation efforts, propelled the present and future expansions, including the much-anticipated Terminal 5.

Reflecting on this occasion, Mr. Jayson Goh, Executive Vice President of Airport Management Changi Airport Group, shared, “Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s bold decision to relocate Singapore’s airport from Paya Lebar to Changi marked a pivotal moment in aviation history. To this day, we continue to be deeply grateful for the vision, courage, and conviction demonstrated by Mr Lee and our pioneering airport leaders, which paved the way for Changi Airport’s growth over the past decades and beyond. We hope to inspire and educate the community through these lesser-told stories, highlighting the values that made Changi Airport possible and still guide how we run the airport today.”

This is a perfect venue for enthusiasts and history aficionados eager to immerse themselves in this blend of past revelations and future predictions. More details about the exhibition’s next destination post-30 September will soon follow.

For a detailed itinerary and more insights, visit ‘The Courage to Dream’ official website.

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