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San Diego International Airport and East Village Brewing Launch Beers from Pure Condensate

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In a refreshing leap towards sustainability, the San Diego International Airport (SAN) has partnered with the East Village Brewing Company and Water Works, Inc. to produce distinct beers brewed from purified air conditioner condensate. This effort underlines a collective stride towards eco-friendly practices and showcases the potential of reusing and recycling resources.

Hoppy Travels IPA and Cruising Ale-titude: A Toast to Sustainability

SAN‘s unique initiative has led to the production of Hoppy Travels IPA – a West Coast IPA flavored with grapefruit and guava undertones, and Cruising Ale-titude – a honey ale bursting with floral and honey notes. For beer aficionados, these delights can be savored at The East Village Brewing Company and SAN Terminal 2 concessions.

Tasting Notes for the curious

  • Hoppy Travels IPA – Dominated by the tantalizing aromas and flavors of pineapple, clementine, and strawberry, this West Coast IPA offers a dry, sharp, and resinous aftertaste.
  • Cruising Ale-titude – Brewed exclusively with Californian ingredients, this honey ale entices with a bright, crisp, and refreshing profile with a hint of floral aroma.

Reclaiming Water at SAN

Interestingly, the pure condensate used for brewing these beers drips from air conditioning units attached to SAN’s jet bridges. Captured and purified by Water Works, Inc. using advanced ozone disinfection, this reclaimed water’s pure profile and low mineral content make it ideal for brewing. Beyond just beer production, this water also aids in cleaning equipment and vehicles at SAN and serves in cooling towers that modulate terminal temperatures.

Inside the Hoppy Partnership

Kimberly Becker, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority President & CEO, expressed her enthusiasm for another collaboration with the brewer. “We first partnered with the brewers of The East Village Brewing Company in 2019 when they brewed a beer called SAN Test Pilot and then again in 2022 when they produced an IPA and a Pilsner using the condensate. Both batches from 2019 and 2022 were very successful, selling out almost immediately, and since then, we’ve been interested in collaborating again. The East Village Brewing Company’s and Water Works’ sustainability focus aligns with our airport efforts. We are happy to have the opportunity to showcase this reclaimed water innovatively with their help. Cheers to another successful collaboration!”

More than Just a Brewery: East Village Brewing Company’s Green Efforts

The East Village Brewing Company champions sustainability, sourcing ingredients from certified farms and using eco-friendly utilities. With a strong focus on minimizing environmental impact, they also redirect spent grain as feed for local farms and prioritize businesses on the West Coast for raw materials.

Aaron Justus, Owner and Brewer at The East Village Brewing Company, emphasized the importance of sustainability to their brewing process. “Wholesome ingredients, sustainability, and community are the core tenets of our brewery. This collaboration checks all three boxes. It’s great to partner again with the airport, a pillar within our community filled with passionate and fun people. The condensate water is naturally superbly pure and ideal for brewing. Plus, water reclamation is a creative way to reduce our water footprint here in San Diego.”

Water Works, Inc.: Pioneers in Water Conservation

With over two decades in the industry, Water Works, Inc. has been instrumental in creating water systems that prioritize conservation. Their impressive portfolio showcases their commitment to sustainability.

About SAN

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