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ABC INTERNATIONAL Boosts Branding for ITA Airways’ New Fleet

ABC INTERNATIONAL has recently collaborated with ITA Airways on distinctive cabin branding for the new Italian national airline’s fleet. The project, which began in early 2023, involved creating and installing iconic brand touchpoints in the interiors of the new A319, A320, and A330 ITA Airways aircraft.

ITA Airways

A Continuation of Branding Excellence

ABC International had previously designed branding logos for Alitalia, the former national airline, and showcased its prowess by redesigning, certifying, and manufacturing the new logos for ITA Airways’ cabins.

ITA Airways branding delivered by ABC International

Crafted by “Landor & Fitch,” the same design house that curated the Alitalia brand in 1969, the new logo underwent several modifications to ensure it met flight operational standards. This effort was spearheaded by the cabin branding specialists at ABC International, adhering strictly to airworthiness requirements and related certification.

Olindo Spatola, VP of Engineering and HDO at ABC INTERNATIONAL, commented on the collaboration: “To make the logo airworthy, we conceived the lettering without affecting the original design and colored the metal lettering through an anodizing process. Thanks to the optimal synergy between our technical office and the customer, we brought forward the delivery date to the airline’s satisfaction.”

Branding by the Numbers

ITA brand touchpoint by ABC International.

ITA Airways’ expansive fleet now sports a total of 144 logos distributed as follows:

  • A319: 33 logos across eleven aircraft
  • A320: 33 logos across eleven aircraft
  • A320neo: 24 logos on eight aircraft
  • A330-200: 42 logos on seven aircraft
  • A330-900neo: 12 logos on four aircraft

Additional branding elements are slated for installation in the coming months.

Special Livery Designs

2023 saw ABC International, in tandem with Skubin Design, curate two unique liveries for ITA Airways. One celebrates Rome’s bid for World Expo 2030, visible on an A320, while the other commemorates the centenary of the Italian Air Force on an A320neo aircraft.

Rodolfo Baldascino, CCO at ABC International, expressed pride in the collaboration, emphasizing the significance of Italian identity. “As an Italian company, we are proud of working with ITA Airways. We are convinced that this cooperation will allow both companies to reach new goals and promote Made in Italy within the aviation industry”


ABC INTERNATIONAL, an EASA-DOA Company headquartered in Naples, specializes in aircraft cabin modifications and upgrades. The company has offered certification and cabin modification services to global airlines and lessors since 2009. With over 250 projects completed in the last two years alone, ABC INTERNATIONAL’s expertise, reliability, and commitment to excellence have helped the company grow. To know more, visit

About ITA Airways

ITA Airways is owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. The airline is committed to offering top-tier domestic and international air transport services with a strong digital-first approach and a commitment to sustainability. ITA Airways has been a member of the SkyTeam alliance since October 2021.

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