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Brussels Airlines Returns to Nairobi with Tenth Long-Haul A330

Brussels Airlines has added a tenth Airbus A330 to its fleet, reaffirming its commitment to growth in the Sub-Saharan African region. This expansion will enable the airline to reintroduce the Nairobi route and increase the frequency of flights to Kigali. As a result, Brussels Airlines will offer connections to 18 destinations in Sub-Saharan Africa. The airline is hiring ground staff and crew to support these routes.

Expansion Amidst Travel Resurgence

Brussels Airlines A330 flying to Nairobi.

Brussels Airlines’ decision to enlarge its long-haul fleet reflects its focus on intercontinental networks. The forthcoming Airbus A330 is slated to commence operations in Summer 2024, catering to the growing demand for direct connections between Brussels Airport and Nairobi. While the airline had served this route from 2002 to 2015, the reintroduction is a promising sign of the resurgence in global travel.

Growth in East and West Africa

The addition of the new aircraft isn’t solely about reopening old routes. It will facilitate daily flights to Kigali, Rwanda, ensuring consistent connectivity. The airline’s growth plans include recruiting around 60 pilots and cabin crew members for the A330 and additional ground staff.

Travelers can already book their flights between Brussels and Nairobi. The inaugural flight is scheduled for June 2024, with the summer calendar featuring flights six days a week. However, during the winter, flights will occur four times weekly. Moreover, the winter itinerary will incorporate direct flights to Dakar and additional rotations to cities like Banjul, Conakry, Monrovia, and Freetown.

“With the addition of Nairobi to our network, daily frequencies to Kigali and extra flights to West Africa, we offer more choice to our passengers travelling to and from Africa than ever. The tenth intercontinental aircraft is a clear sign of Lufthansa Group’s trust in Brussels Airlines and strengthens our role as the hub to Africa for the Group.”

Dorothea von Boxberg, CEO, Brussels Airlines

Furthermore, Kevin Markette, General Manager East Africa, Lufthansa Group, emphasizes Kenya’s importance to the group, given its rising demand and resurgence in travel.

“I am pleased that we continue to grow our presence in Kenya, underlining Lufthansa Group’s commitment to Kenya and the region. With the addition of the six weekly Brussels Airlines flights to Nairobi, Lufthansa Group will offer 18 weekly connections to Kenya in summer 2024, including daily Lufthansa flights to the capital and five weekly direct Discover Airlines flights to Mombasa.”

Kevin Markette, General Manager East Africa

The Lure of Kenya

Brussels Airlines Returns to Nairobi with tenth long-haul aircraft.

Known for its mesmerizing landscapes and wildlife preserves, Kenya is a gem in the world of travel. With a rapidly expanding population of over 50 million, its leisure market witnesses over 2 million tourists annually. The nation has also emerged as the “Silicon Savannah” over the past decade, becoming a tech hub that attracts innovative digital start-ups.

Flight Schedules to Nairobi

Brussels Airlines scheduled flights strategically. Outbound flights to Nairobi will depart in the morning from Brussels, ensuring evening arrivals in Nairobi. Conversely, inbound flights will take off in the evening from Nairobi to ensure morning landings in Brussels.

Brussels Airlines Summer Flight Schedule to Nairobi.
Brussels Airlines Winter Schedule to Nairobi

Together with Lufthansa’s existing Frankfurt-Nairobi route, the total weekly flights to the Kenyan capital by Lufthansa Group will be 13 during the summer and 11 in the winter.

Note: The final flight timetable might be subject to last-minute alterations.

Brussels Airlines continues to set industry benchmarks for travelers seeking unmatched aerial experiences between Europe and Africa. This latest expansion is not just about adding aircraft; it’s about connecting continents, cultures, and communities.

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