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Elevated Dining with Delta’s Latest In-Flight Menu Refresh

With the onset of the fall season, Delta Air Lines is revamping its in-flight menu. Enjoy sipping on a new seasonal beer or indulging in dishes reminiscent of renowned restaurants while cruising at 35,000 feet. Welcome to Delta’s upgraded food and beverage service. Let’s dig in.

A Culinary Journey at Cruising Altitude

From including oat milk creamer in your coffee to savoring the taste of Atlanta’s own Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q’s beef short rib, Delta is tantalizing taste buds and transforming in-flight dining.

As Kristen Manion Taylor, S.V.P of In-Flight Service at Delta, explains: “We want every dining experience on a Delta flight to feel exciting for our first-time flyers, our million milers, and every customer in between. Our customers and the diverse communities we serve are the heart of everything we do at Delta, especially as we continue to develop inclusive menus and bring new partners and products on board.” 

Explore Delta’s New Beverage and Snack Offerings

Premium Service, Upgraded

Delta doesn’t stop at just updating its snack and beverage options. Premium flyers are in for an exceptional treat with the airline’s amplified in-flight menu and services.

Enhanced Delta One Service

From September 12, Delta One patrons can relish a new appetizer course along with their main dish. The mouth-watering menu includes dill-cured salmon with pickled veggies or a tantalizing Mexican shrimp cocktail. The service for all Delta One coast-to-coast and Hawaii flights will be on par with international flights.

Pre-Select Meal Options

Delta extends its pre-select program, offering passengers the luxury of picking their main course up to a week before flying. This facility will be available for most domestic First Class flights spanning over 900 miles from September 12.

Seasonal Menus

Delta will introduce fresh in-flight menus in the Delta One and First Class cabins for domestic and international flights. Designed by elite chefs and nutritionists, these menus are also created based on customer feedback from thousands of flights. They promise passengers a fresh, consistent, and personalized dining experience.

Delve Deeper into Delta’s Elevated Dining

A Delightful Culinary Journey

From a freshly brewed coffee enhanced with oat milk to a curated fine-dining experience at cruising altitude, Delta’s latest in-flight menu refresh promises plenty of flavor in the skies.

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  1. I just traveled DL First class from Denver to Seattle and I am being haunted by the pumpkin chia pudding I had for breakfast. If anyone has any idea what grains were in it besides chia seeds please share.

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