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Universal Hydrogen’s Key Milestone in Hydrogen-Powered Flight Certification

Universal Hydrogen has achieved an important milestone in its mission to convert regional airplanes to fly on hydrogen in the coming years.

First flight of Universal Hydrogen's ATR 72 regional aircraft converted to use hydrogen-based fuel.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has accepted the company’s application for a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). The STC covers converting ATR 72 regional airliners with Universal Hydrogen’s proprietary liquid hydrogen modules and fuel cell-electric propulsion system.

The FAA has also issued the G-1 Issue Paper. This significant document marks a crucial phase. It determines the certification standards to gain the FAA’s approval for the ATR 72 conversion to hydrogen propulsion.

Establishing the certification foundation for hydrogen-powered airplanes is a critical step, Carl Burleson, former Acting Deputy Administrator of the FAA and advisor to Universal Hydrogen explained. He added, “This is the culmination of nearly two years of effort between Universal Hydrogen and the FAA on this trailblazing project, which represents a key part of the solution set to help address the aviation industry’s commitment to a zero-carbon future.”

Hydrogen-Powered Flight: A Future of Clean Aviation

As the aviation industry grapples with environmental concerns, the move towards hydrogen as a cleaner fuel alternative is gaining momentum. Universal Hydrogen’s achievement reflects its commitment and underscores the industry’s broader transition.

President and CTO of Universal Hydrogen, Mark Cousin said, “I believe we have an important industry first here. We appreciate our responsibility to ensure that the airworthiness certification criteria that are established set a positive precedent for the rest of the nascent hydrogen aviation industry.”

Furthermore, the company’s contributions have earned commendations from influential industry figures. Thomas d’Halluin of Airbus Ventures, an investor, acknowledged the company’s efforts. “Well-deserved congratulations to Universal Hydrogen on their important and closely teamed work with the FAA in achieving these core milestones, advancing practical hydrogen aviation right into present-day processes.”

Similarly, Jill Blickstein from American Airlines, an investor, lauded the company’s critical progress in ushering hydrogen aviation into the marketplace. “American Airlines congratulates Universal Hydrogen on this critical milestone in its journey to bring hydrogen aviation to market.”

Universal Hydrogen’s Vision for Clean Flight

Universal Hydrogen envisions a comprehensive hydrogen logistics network propelling the future of aviation. Championing hydrogen as the optimal fuel for flying, the firm sees a future where aircraft powered by renewables emit only water.

The company flew a hydrogen-powered regional airplane—the world’s largest—earlier this year. It has begun a ground and flight test campaign to produce all the necessary data to demonstrate airworthiness and safety standards compliance.

Universal Hydrogen is working on making aviation greener with its hydrogen capsules. They retrofit regional aircraft with hydrogen powertrain conversion kits. The company brings aviation and hydrogen experts together to create a sustainable flight solution.

Companies like Universal Hydrogen lead the charge as the aviation industry seeks sustainable alternatives. Their recent FAA milestone validates their efforts and highlights the industry’s accelerating shift towards a cleaner, greener future.

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