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Finnair and SEES Craft an Olfactory Adventure in the Skies

In an exhilarating turn of events for global travelers, Finnair has joined the Finnish natural cosmetics company SEES, aiming to add pleasing notes to the in-flight and lounge experience. The new Finnair scent partnership, launched in June, weaves a tale of fragrance memories to accompany passengers through their journey.

Aroma of Finnair starts at the airline's lounges, with the introduction of SEES products in lavatories, showers and spas.

The Aroma of Finland at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Finnair lounges have now become scented sanctuaries, allowing travelers to dive deep into a world sculpted by SEES’s distinct fragrances. The journey commences in restroom facilities with aromatic hand soap and lotion. The trail then leads travelers through shower and sauna spaces where a medley of cosmetics and hair care fragrances greets them. This enchanting olfactory saga doesn’t end at the airport; it’s replicated and continues aboard Finnair’s long-haul flights.

“Our goal was to create a cohesive scent world that seamlessly transitions from lounges to airplanes, offering a unified olfactory experience,” says Elisa Koivumaa, founder and CEO of SEES Company.

Natural Essence: The Cornerstone of SEES

SEES prides itself on merging natural essential oils with eco-friendly, biodegradable ingredients. The brand portfolio spans natural cosmetics, eco-conscious household cleaning products, and pure room fragrances.

Kristos Mavrostomos of Finnair’s customer experience team, emphasizing the collaboration, shares, “SEES products are modern and meticulously crafted. Collaborating with a Finnish company specializing in natural cosmetics was a natural choice for us.”

Evoking Memories through Fragrance

Scents possess the uncanny ability to evoke memories. They silently communicate with the memory centers of our brain, often rekindling emotions. “Few Finnish companies utilize authentic scents to enhance their brand experience. It’s wonderful that Finnair has taken a step towards building a scent journey of its own. Scents should always be in the background, but in this collaboration, their purpose is to relax and soothe the mind. Authentic essential oils in our products elevate moments like handwashing, and environmentally friendly ingredients are better for the planet,” says Koivumaa.

Rooted deeply in Finnish traditions, SEES products are manufactured locally. The raw materials are harvested from renewable natural resources and align with vegan preferences. Furthermore, the eco-friendly packaging made from recycled plastic dons a minimalist Scandinavian design.

Finnair and SEES have touched on something natural and primal by embarking on a fragrance-filled journey. As they say, sometimes the journey is more beautiful than the destination. Finnair’s travelers will enjoy a memorable ‘scent’ of place with this collaboration. Safe travels and happy memories!

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