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Lilium Advances in its eVTOL Journey: Begins Assembly of First Lilium Jet Fuselage

Lilium N.V. (NASDAQ: LILM) took a significant step along its journey toward sustainable regional air mobility. The company announced the start of the fuselage assembly for its all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet, the Lilium Jet.

The Path to Achieving the Lilium Jet Type Certification

Lilium Test Flight, Spain
Lilium Test Flight, Spain. Source: Lilium

The current fuselage under assembly is the first of seven planned. These seven fuselages are instrumental for Lilium to achieve the type certification for the Lilium Jet. The company’s ambitious roadmap, with the first anticipated crewed flight in late 2024, is advancing.

“We’re delighted to kick off the assembly of the first Lilium Jet fuselage at Aciturri, bringing us one step closer to reshaping sustainable regional air mobility. We see this as further evidence that our approach of teaming with proven aerospace suppliers to bring our cutting edge eVTOL aircraft to market is the optimal strategy as we advance along a path to certification and entry into service of the Lilium Jet,” said Yves Yemsi, COO of Lilium.

Collaboration with Aciturri on Fuselage Assembly

first Lilium Jet fuselage at Aciturri
Inside the Aciturri facility working on the Lilium Jet fuselage. Source: Lilium

A crucial aspect of Lilium’s success in this venture has been its strategic alliance with Aciturri. This tier-one aerospace supplier is spearheading the development and assembly of the fuselage at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Valladolid, Spain. The company aims to deliver the fuselage to Lilium’s Wessling-based facility in Germany by the end of 2023.

Not just a supplier, Aciturri is an investor in Lilium. With a track record of almost five decades in the aerospace domain, Aciturri’s expertise encompasses work on significant commercial aircraft programs. These include the Airbus A350, A320, A400M, Boeing 787, and Embraer KC390, to name a few. Beyond the fuselage assembly of the Lilium Jet, Aciturri will apply its expertise to support the Lilium Jet’s design optimization and certification.

Maria Eugenia Clemente, CEO of Aciturri Aerostructures, said, “Aciturri is committed to playing a leading role in the transformation of sustainable regional air mobility, which supports Europe’s goal of achieving climate neutrality. We are fully aligned with Lilium’s vision and design and are delighted to have evolved our partnership to such a foundational stage towards the birth of the Lilium Jet.”

Crafting A Transformative Flying Experience

lilium jet
Lilium Jet Source: Lilium

As Klaus Roewe, CEO of Lilium, remarked, “This phase is more than just a technical step. It’s a clear signal to all Lilium stakeholders of our commitment to making regional air mobility more efficient, enjoyable, and sustainable. As we assemble the fuselage, we are also crafting a transformative flying experience while upholding our promise of unparalleled efficiency, comfort, and safety.”

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