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NetForecast Debuts QMap Airport for Enhanced Cellular Performance Monitoring

In today’s interconnected world, communication is the lifeblood of smooth operations, especially at bustling airports. Introducing the QMap Airport by NetForecast, poised to redefine cellular performance monitoring. Pioneers in internet quality monitoring, NetForecast unveils the QMap Airport solution at the APEX/IFSA Global 2023 event.

Critical Ground Operations

Fluctuating cellular performance isn’t just a mere inconvenience; it’s a pressing concern for airlines. At any given moment, poor cellular signals can disrupt the streamlined flow on the ground. This creates communication gaps among ground personnel and pilots. Lack of coverage can be a significant roadblock, causing disruptions to ground operations teams and delaying aircraft turns. This results in departure delays, significant costs, and lost revenue.

Critically, the QMap Airport app operates discreetly in the background, harvesting real-time data from digital devices. The result? A crystal-clear, accurate snapshot of network performance for the airlines.

Connectivity Intelligence, Guided by Apdex

Harnessing the power of the globally recognized Apdex (Application Performance Index), QMap Airport translates intricate data into an easy-to-interpret scoring system. For a full picture, the app’s intuitive dashboard presents real-time reports. It highlights cellular carriers’ and individual airports’ service quality comparisons. In fact, the application dives deep. It monitors crucial metrics influencing the user experience. These include effective bandwidth, network latency, DNS lookup time, packet loss, and RF signal quality. Importantly, the app also provides Wi-Fi coverage monitoring.

Keep Ground Operations Humming

In the words of NetForecast’s CEO, Rebecca Wetzel, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” The QMap Airport technology builds on the foundations of the company’s QMap Inflight platform, which measures and reports passenger connectivity experience. “Our powerful, lightweight QMap Airport solution helps airlines keep ground operations humming and ensures cellular service suppliers deliver as contracted.”

Highlighting its effectiveness, one prominent US-based airline deployed a beta version of QMap Airport. The airline leveraged QMap Airport insights to pinpoint service lapses. The outcome? A justified switch in cellular service providers at a high-traffic airport in the Pacific Northwest.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

Importantly, QMap Airport promises swift deployment with its cloud-based infrastructure, enabling airlines to initiate monitoring within mere hours. The app seamlessly integrates with smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices within the airport’s operational realm, ensuring zero disruptions.

Sharing her enthusiasm, Wetzel remarked, “We are excited to launch this innovative technology at the APEX/IFSA Global event. Co-located with Future Travel Experience Global in Long Beach, California, the event boasts some of the world’s top airlines, airports, and inflight connectivity providers in attendance. This is the perfect venue to demonstrate how powerful a tool QMap is both in the air and on the ground.”

About NetForecast

In the digital age, connectivity is paramount. And that’s where NetForecast steps in, aiding clients to optimize user experience amidst the labyrinth of network collaborators. Based in Charlottesville, VA, NetForecast combines unique technologies with industry know-how to evaluate broadband performance in residential and mobility sectors. The company’s mission? Facilitating service providers and their clientele to pinpoint and address network issues, fostering enhanced user satisfaction and efficiency. Dive deeper at

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