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Icelandair Achieves 10x ROI on Programmatic Ad Spend with Brainlabs and Scibids AI Digital Marketing

In partnership with its digital media agency, Brainlabs, Icelandair has leveraged Scibids, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for digital marketing, to supercharge its programmatic ad campaigns. The outcome? A 10-fold improvement in ROI and a 70% reduction in cost per booking.

Revolutionizing Digital Media Efficiencies

Scibids AI seamlessly propelled Brainlabs’ digital strategy, focusing primarily on enhancing online flight bookings while ensuring minimal costs to Icelandair. The dynamic pairing of advanced AI technology and strategic expertise has allowed Icelandair to witness substantial enhancements in campaign performance.

Icelandair’s home booking page on 20 September 2023.

Jóhann Benediktsson, Digital Marketing Manager at Icelandair, noted the achievement. “The results were incredibly fruitful for Icelandair, with Scibids AI and Brainlabs securing a 70% decrease in cost per flight booking over the past year. This level of efficiency represents a 10x ROI for the brand compared to the benchmark price of applying artificial intelligence ourselves. We’re proud to work with tech-forward partners like Brainlabs and Scibids.”

Echoing his sentiments, Anjlee Majmudar, VP of Programmatic at Brainlabs North America, expressed, “We are delighted with the impact of the inclusion of Scibids AI technology has had on Icelandair’s campaign performance, where we have secured a 70% decrease in cost per flight booking over the past year. It’s especially rewarding to work alongside a client like Icelandair who is keen to embrace new programmatic AI-infused technologies to ensure their brand continues outperforming the competition.”

Unveiling the Secrets to Icelandair’s Digital Marketing Success

Brainlabs conducted a meticulous test spanning 11 markets using Scibids AI to evaluate its impact on Icelandair’s digital ad efficiency. The results were undeniably positive, leading to Scibids technology being implemented across all programmatic expenditures.

One remarkable solution was integrating the Custom Bidding product in Google Display & Video 360 with Icelandair’s DSP seat. This gave advertisers a tighter grip on ad decision-making and allowed for precise valuation of each ad impression.

The primary aim? To find the perfect blend of media signals that would increase conversion rates, thus boosting online flight bookings. With Scibids AI’s prowess, custom bidding models underwent regular updates, rapidly adapting to ever-changing market signals.

Eric Schwartz, MD of North America at Scibids, acknowledged the AI’s powerful capability. “Scibids AI’s ability to analyze millions of variables and adapt bidding strategies in real time has provided Icelandair with a competitive edge in the digital advertising landscape. We are excited to continue supporting them in achieving their business outcomes.”

Spotlight on Scibids & Brainlabs

Scibids, a subsidiary of DoubleVerify, is a global leader in AI-powered digital advertising decision-making. Established in 2016 in Paris, its vision is to uplift digital marketing performance through AI that prioritizes user privacy. Scibids AI’s unique algorithms optimize performance without relying on user tracking. Discover Scibids on their website. Delve into their report: “AI, Privacy and the Future of Digital Marketing.” It’s a comprehensive guide for marketers in today’s evolving digital landscape.

Brainlabs was founded in 2012 by former Googler, Daniel Gilbert. With its data science and engineering roots, the company has grown from one to over 850 Brainlabbers in 11 years. Renowned for its high-performance approach to media, Brainlabs boasts of clientele like Adidas, Estée Lauder Companies, and more. Its global presence is expanding rapidly from its base in London.

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