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Cathay Unveils New Global Brand: Revolutionizing Premium Travel Lifestyle with ‘Feels Good To Move’

The global travel landscape is ever-changing, and Cathay (the simplified identity of Cathay Pacific Group) is poised to redefine how its customers experience travel. Along with adapting a simpler name, the airline is positioning itself as a premium travel lifestyle brand. In part, this lifestyle element is powered by its loyalty currency. As part of this initiative to redefine itself, Cathay is rolling out a new campaign: “Feels Good To Move.”

More Than Just an Airline

Cathay highlights that it’s more than an airline brand. It’s an ecosystem of premium travel lifestyle categories, from flights and holidays to shopping, dining, wellness, and payment. The brand harmonizes these elements to create an enriching and simplified user experience. What ties all of these services together? Asia Miles, Cathay’s currency, enables travelers to earn and spend points across these categories.

The Essence of Cathay

Cathay Pacific will remain the face of the airline division, while “Cathay” takes the helm as the overarching brand that encapsulates all the lifestyle components. Ronald Lam, Cathay’s Chief Executive Officer, explains, “As the habits and needs of our customers have changed over the years, so too have we.”

Celebrating 77 Years of Travel Excellence

September is a monumental month for Cathay, marking 77 years since its inception. The company started with a single Douglas DC-3 aircraft nicknamed ‘Betsy,’ its journey has been about connecting the world ever since. Lam says, “Our evolution into Cathay marks an exciting new chapter in our history and reflects our renewed focus on the customer. Our determination to fulfill our vision of becoming one of the world’s greatest service brands is stronger than ever.”

What to Expect: New and Aspirational Offerings

In line with the brand’s evolution, customers can expect many new services, including aspirational offerings in holidays, shopping, dining, wellness, and payment platforms. These additions not only diversify the brand but also allow more opportunities for engagement with its global customer base.

The ‘Feels Good To Move’ Campaign

Cathay launched its first global campaign in three years—Feels Good To Move—to commemorate its global rollout.

According to Edward Bell, the General Manager of Brand, Insights, and Marketing Communications, this campaign captures the essence of Cathay. “This campaign goes straight to the heart of why Cathay exists as a premium travel lifestyle brand. A brand that aims to enable us to live the premium travel lifestyle every day. Since our beginnings, Cathay has always been about forward progress. Restlessness is in our DNA. This campaign is a celebration of how good it feels to move.”

The ‘Feels Good To Move’ campaign is not merely an advertisement but an invitation—an irresistible call for people to experience the joy and benefits of movement, both literally and metaphorically.

Cathay’s shift into a premium travel lifestyle brand signifies more than a change in services; it marks an ambitious new chapter in premium travel experiences. For Cathay, this is fitting. It aligns well with the airline’s high service standards and matches its competitors’ lifestyle branding standards. From its exciting new range of offerings to its captivating ‘Feels Good To Move’ campaign, Cathay invites you to join them on this journey, where it’s not just about the destination but how you get there.

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