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KLM Bags APEX World Class Award 2024 for the Third Year: Here’s What Sets Them Apart

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has once again emerged victorious in the aviation sector in a remarkable testament to its unwavering commitment to exceptional service, safety, and sustainability. The airline has clinched the APEX World Class Award 2024 for the third consecutive year, an honor that signifies its superior performance in various key aspects, including safety measures, customer well-being, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

APEX: The Gold Standard in Airline Reviews

The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), the organization presenting this award, is globally renowned for its research and rating methodology. As the biggest international airline association focusing on passenger perceptions, APEX relies on an exhaustive process that includes worldwide audits and consumer reviews. Airlines must attain a minimum of five-star reviews to be considered for the prestigious World Class Award.

Why KLM Keeps Winning

KLM's customers contributed to the airline's win as an APEX World Class airline through positive reviews.

According to Barry ter Voert, KLM’s CXO & EVP Business Development, “We’re incredibly proud to have won the APEX World Class Award for the third year in a row. We prioritize carrying our passengers safely and in comfort while also focusing on making flying cleaner, quieter, and more fuel-efficient. To this end, we invest heavily in vigorous fleet renewal and purchasing sustainable fuel. The award serves as fitting recognition for everyone at KLM who makes every effort, every day, to serve our customers.”

Setting Benchmarks in Sustainability

But not just the World Class Award has earned KLM a spot in the limelight this year. The airline was also celebrated as the Best-in-Class for Sustainability, an acknowledgment adding another green laurel to its crown. KLM’s focus on sustainability is apparent in its initiatives towards cleaner and more efficient flights, with strategies that extend from ground services to in-flight experiences.

Excellence in Every Aspect

The APEX World Class Award comprehensively evaluates an airline’s overall offering—spanning service, guest experiences, safety, and sustainability. KLM excels in all these domains, offering top-notch service in flight, on the ground, and in its exclusive lounges.

A League of Their Own

For this year’s award, KLM found itself in the company of seven leading global airlines: Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Japan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, and Saudia. Each airline has set extraordinary standards in the industry, making the win for KLM all the more significant.

A Victory for Customers and Employees Alike

For the devoted workforce at KLM, this award truly reflects their daily efforts to prioritize customer satisfaction. It serves as a morale booster, reinvigorating the team to continue their pursuit of excellence in service delivery.

A Long History of Positive Passenger Experience

The APEX World Class Award 2024 victory solidifies KLM’s position as an airline that prides itself on superior service and an unwavering commitment to safety and sustainability. With three consecutive wins, KLM is not just setting industry standards but proving that consistency and dedication to passengers’ well-being can yield fruitful rewards.

In a time when the airline industry is grappling with various challenges, KLM’s consistent performance is a beacon of how to marry quality with responsibility successfully. Passengers can look forward to what the world’s longest-operating commercial airline has in store in the future.

For KLM, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.

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