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Avianca and Breeze Airways Renew Volantio Partnership

What do Avianca, the world’s second longest-operating flagship airline (by a couple of months),* and Breeze Airways, an innovative low-cost carrier launched in 2021, have in common? Both recently announced a major renewal of their partnerships with Atlanta-based tech company Volantio.

The partnership aims to provide passengers flexible travel plans and streamline airline operations, particularly solving challenges like overbooked flights. This agreement comes at a pivotal time. Volantio’s business has skyrocketed, now serving 15 airlines that flew over 320 million passengers last year.

The Essence of the Renewed Partnership

Claudio Vélez, Avianca’s Chief Revenue Officer, expressed delight at continuing the partnership. “Their platform helps us find passengers willing to adjust their travel plans, resulting in thousands of volunteers moved in just the last quarter. Volantio has enabled Avianca to run a more efficient operation while also providing benefits to guests with flexible travel plans. This positively impacts the goodwill of our legendary brand, along with increasing guest satisfaction while enabling Avianca to fly fuller aircraft.”

Lukas Johnson, Chief Commercial Officer at Breeze says: “At Breeze Airways, we care deeply for our guests and the experience we provide. The implementation of Volantio’s platform allows flexibility post-booking and an improved experience. I am confident that this partnership will allow Breeze to maximize our revenue potential by offering flexibility post-booking, optimizing our operations, and fostering loyalty and trust by ensuring a seamless and tailored experience. The results from Volantio’s platform will be a game-changer for Breeze Airways.”

The Triple Impact of Volantio’s Platform

Volantio has seen its business triple in size over the last 24 months. Their platform identifies high-demand flights and creates customized offers to incentivize passengers to opt for lower-demand flights. This ingenious method enables airlines like Avianca and Breeze Airways to:

  1. Use resources more efficiently
  2. Reduce CO2 emissions per passenger flown
  3. Offer passengers benefits for their travel flexibility

With passenger traffic expected to increase fivefold in the next two decades, this partnership seems timely for tackling operational challenges.

Volantio’s Growing Influence

Apart from Avianca and Breeze Airways, Volantio has extended its services to other airlines, both major flagships and low-cost innovators.

Volantio has positioned itself as a key player in a competitive market, helping airlines maximize efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why This Partnership Matters to Passengers

You might wonder, “How does this affect me as a traveler?” If you have flexible travel plans, you could benefit from incentives and more convenient flight options. Moreover, airlines like Avianca and Breeze Airways can easily manage overbooked situations, which means fewer delays and flight disruptions for you.

FlightChic Final Thoughts

The renewed agreements between Avianca, Breeze Airways, and Volantio represent a win-win for companies and passengers. Airlines strive for more efficient operations and higher customer satisfaction. Partnerships like these pave the way for innovation and improved service delivery. With air travel expected to surge, leveraging technology for flexibility and efficiency is essential for aviation sustainability.

FlightChic Bit of Flight Trivia

*Avianca S.A. (Aerovias del Continente Americano S.A.) has been the flag carrier of Colombia since December 5, 1919, when it was initially registered under the name SCADTA. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was established on 7 October 1919, making it the world’s oldest airline still operating under its original name.

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