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Could AI Fix Aircraft Turns? Assaia Examines the Costs of Inefficiencies

    The aviation industry’s complex operations are under pressure as the industry moves toward net-zero 2050 targets, requiring greater efficiency. Aviation technology company Assaia has just published a report that delves into the dynamics of aircraft turnaround times. The company identifies opportunities to save airports, airlines, and passengers time and money. As a bonus, optimizing aircraft turn-around times will also improve aviation’s environmental footprint.

    Assaia has just published a report that delves into the dynamics of aircraft turnaround times.

    Key Findings: Aircraft Turnaround Times, Assaia Report

    Assaia is an AI-driven pioneer in turnaround management. The company unveiled its inaugural Turnaround Benchmark Report at the World Aviation Forum in Lisbon, Portugal. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of how turnarounds impact the overall performance of both airports and airlines.

    Three key insights emerge:

    1. Significant Disparities: A staggering 41-minute difference exists between the best and worst turnaround performances. This divergence translates to potential losses amounting to billions for airlines and airports annually, not to mention inconveniences for passengers.
    2. Turnaround Frequencies: The top-performing airlines and airports can execute three more turnarounds daily than their lower-performing counterparts.
    3. Environmental & Financial Costs: Avoidable Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) usage equates to the profit from 11 passengers and emits 86kg of CO2 for each flight.

    What Goes Into An Aircraft Turnaround?

    Carrying out the complete turnaround of an aircraft requires the coordination of logistics, often involving over 75 professionals. Time and resource-consuming tasks include:

    • Disembarkation and embarkation of passengers
    • Loading and unloading of baggage, cargo, and catering supplies
    • Connecting ground power and ensuring the attachment of pre-conditioned air
    • Aircraft refueling
    • Meticulous cleaning
    • Crew changes

    How Tech Can Lead to Aircraft Turnaround Improvements

    Max Diez, CEO of Assaia, emphasized the precarious nature of the industry, noting the razor-thin margins and escalating fuel prices. Recent disruptions, from tech glitches and unfavorable weather to staffing dilemmas, only underline the urgency of adopting technology that can drive positive change.

    “Airlines and airports need to find all the efficiencies they can. Every aspect of airport and airline operations is monitored and managed to the highest degree. The exception, until very recently, has been the turnaround. Because it is made up of many activities performed by multiple entities, it has been very difficult to get a complete picture of the entire operation. And without measurement, effective management is impossible,” Diez said.

    The Turnaround Benchmark Report delves into multiple facets: on-time performance, the efficacy of various turnaround tasks such as catering and fueling, and the environmental consequences linked to turnaround procedures. The report’s emphasis is on short-haul flights. These are particularly vulnerable to inefficiencies that ripple out, leading to canceled flights and aggrieved passengers.

    Diez concluded, “The results are based on analysis of the worst-performing third, the middle-performing third, and the best-performing third. The differences between the best and worst performers demonstrate very clearly why monitoring and holistic management of turnarounds is so important.”

    Harnessing AI for Seamless Turnarounds

    Assaia stands out with its innovative approach. Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technology, the Assaia platform gives airports and airlines an unparalleled perspective of turnaround operations. This is automated holistic oversight, monitoring, and ensuring that the myriad tasks conducted during a turnaround are visible, streamlined, and efficient.

    The result? Airports and airlines are poised to optimize their operations, heralding a future marked by heightened efficiency, reduced delays, augmented safety, and diminished carbon footprints.

    Curious readers can delve deeper into the Turnaround Benchmark Report.

    About Assaia

    Venturing beyond traditional aviation solutions, Assaia International AG champions integrating technology to refine the aviation sector. By combining Artificial Intelligence and computer vision, Assaia offers comprehensive insights into airport turnaround operations. Their forward-thinking solutions promise a future where passengers can be assured of punctual, safe, and sustainable travel. Discover more at Assaia.

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