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Icelandair Boosts Passenger Flexibility with Volantio’s Revolutionary Rebooking System

Volantio, the tech enterprise enabling optimized travel offers, has announced Icelandair as its latest airline customer. The Revenue Rebook platform, designed by Volantio, aims to revolutionize how airlines manage their bookings. The platform makes the process more efficient for the airlines and more accommodating for the passengers.

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Unlocking a New Era of Flexibility for Passengers

Matthías Sveinbjörnsson, the Director of Revenue Management at Icelandair, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. He stated, “Our goal with this solution is to efficiently manage inventory, maximize revenue, and offer flexibility to our passengers. Volantio has been an invaluable partner in this journey. They’ve provided us with cutting-edge solutions and expertise to streamline our rebooking process. We’re confident that this collaboration will deliver a win-win for our airline and our loyal passengers.”

Azim Barodawala, Co-Founder and CEO of Volantio, said, “We are incredibly proud to launch our platform with Icelandair, one of the oldest airlines in the world with over 85 years of operation. It is rare to find opportunities where airlines can both improve passenger experience and airline performance, and we are so excited to be able to provide a solution that does both.”

Balancing Demand with Enticing Offers

The ingenious platform by Volantio employs machine learning to pinpoint high-demand flights. Once identified, it devises tailor-made offers to motivate passengers to transition to flights with less demand. Such a system ensures airlines make the most out of their existing resources and rewards passengers for their adaptability.

A Vital Tool as Passenger Numbers Increase

Considering the expected fivefold rise in airline passenger traffic in the coming two decades, tools like the Revenue Rebook platform are essential. It presents a sustainable solution for airlines to cater to more passengers without necessarily increasing the number of flights.

Technology is instrumental in setting new standards for passenger experiences and operational efficiency in a rapidly evolving aviation industry. The partnership between Volantio and Icelandair is part of the future of air travel.

Spotlight on Volantio

Established in 2014 by Azim Barodawala and Fenn Bailey, Volantio addresses revenue and capacity challenges. It works across industries that collectively account for a staggering value of over $5.7 trillion worldwide. The company serves 15 global airlines that transported over 320 million passengers in 2022, generating revenue exceeding $35B. Volantio has garnered investments from leading names in the travel sector, such as Alaska Airlines, Qantas, IAG, JetBlue, and Amadeus.

Icelandair‘s Journey

Icelandair has leveraged Iceland’s unique geographical position as a transatlantic hub, providing direct flights to over 50 global destinations. The airline also operates domestic routes within Iceland, along with ventures in airfreight, logistics, aircraft leasing, and consultation services.

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