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Intelsat Amplifies Connectivity in Brazil: Unveiling New Services and Infrastructure

Intelsat, one of the world’s preeminent integrated satellite and terrestrial networks, announced a significant expansion of its infrastructure in Brazil. This strategic move is designed to bolster connectivity, bringing new services to more nationwide users.

Intelsat amplifies connectivity in Brazil
Intelsat’s New Teleport Facility in Rio de Janeiro. Source: Intelsat

Expanded Satellite Capacity

The heart of this enhancement lies in the deployment of Intelsat 46e and Galaxy 28. The two high-throughput satellites are positioned to offer enhanced connectivity across Brazil and Latin America. Enterprise, Mobile Network Operators, Media, and Commercial Aviation customers stand to benefit from this upgrade. It marks a notable improvement in the quality and reliability of services.

Strategic Teleport Facility

Intelsat has inaugurated a new teleport facility situated just outside Rio de Janeiro. This strategic addition amplifies the company’s existing global network. It facilitates direct connections between Intelsat satellites and Brazil’s local terrestrial networks. Effectively, this reduces the distance internet traffic traverses, ensuring faster and more efficient connectivity.

Enhanced Operations Center

The Brazil Network Operations Center (NOC) has also expanded considerably. The company has increased staff to support regional customers. They are proficient in five languages, including Brazilian Portuguese. The center is poised to deliver enhanced 24/7 support for regional customers, ensuring that assistance is always available.

Bridging the Connectivity Gap

Ricardo La Guardia, RVP of Latin American Sales at Intelsat, said: “The combination of more satellite capacity, a new teleport, and an operations center make it easier for our customers to deliver higher quality services to more users throughout Brazil. Our expansion in Brazil is part of our strategy to empower the broader Latin America region with unparalleled connectivity, targeting underserved areas and remote regions like the Amazon, fostering digital inclusivity.”

A GSMA report underscores the necessity of this expansion. It reveals that approximately 25% of the Brazilian population remains disconnected from mobile internet services despite network coverage. Intelsat’s strategic advancements promise to bridge this gap. By doing so, they fuel the digital economy and promote business growth across diverse sectors. These include government, education, healthcare, and agriculture applications.

“The availability of local infrastructure and in-country expertise is a key step in improving internet and telecommunication infrastructure across all regions of the country,” La Guardia said.

About Intelsat

Intelsat has a global team committed to delivering seamless and secure satellite-based communications. The company’s expansive satellite fleet and connectivity infrastructures are pivotal in bridging the digital divide. For six decades, Intelsat has pioneered solutions in the satellite industry. It has innovated to address emerging challenges and lead the digital transformation. For more information about Intelsat’s connectivity solutions and ongoing projects, visit their website.

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