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JetBlue’s New Family Seating Guarantee: What You Need to Know

JetBlue has announced it will simplify and enhance the travel experience for parents traveling with young children. The airline’s new Family Seating Guarantee ensures that children aged 13 years and younger will always be seated next to an adult on the same reservation. This reflects JetBlue’s commitment to customer satisfaction, catering specifically to the needs and preferences of traveling families.

JetBlue Family Seating Guarrantee
JetBlue Family Seating Guarantee ensures children 13 and younger always sit next to at least one adult family member. Source: JetBlue

USDOT & Legislation: Putting Families First

Navigating airports and flights can often be a stressful experience for parents traveling with young children. The US Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg sent a letter to the US Congress proposing legislation earlier this year. This legislation would ensure fee-free family seating on all US airlines. The USDOT also began the rulemaking process to ensure a young child can sit adjacent to an accompanying adult.

The US Department of Transportation also published a new family seating dashboard highlighting airlines that guarantee fee-free family seating and those that do not. Before the dashboard was published, no US airlines guaranteed fee-free family seating. After government pressure to improve customer service, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Frontier Airlines were the first US carriers to guarantee parents could sit with their young children without paying. With this announcement, JetBlue is the only US carrier to follow their example.

The airline adopted the Family Seating Guarantee to offer parents peace of mind. It ensures their children will always be seated beside at least one adult companion. This enhanced seating arrangement is available without additional fees. It includes customers who opt for JetBlue’s budget-friendly Blue Basic fare.

A Seamless Travel Experience

JetBlue’s new system proactively identifies and adjusts seating arrangements for reservations involving adults and children traveling together. The Family Seating Guarantee applies even on last-minute bookings within 24 hours of travel. The airline encourages travelers to select their seats when booking to streamline the travel process further.

An Extension of JetBlue’s Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

The introduction of the Family Seating Guarantee is aligned with JetBlue’s Customer Bill of Rights. The airline also has a comprehensive customer assurance resource, reaffirming a commitment to a positive passenger experience. Learn more about JetBlue’s Family Seating Guarantee by visiting here.

About JetBlue

JetBlue offers travelers low fares without compromising service quality. The airline has an extensive network connecting major cities across the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, and Europe.

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