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SWISS Extends Green Fares Across Europe

From Scandinavia to the Whole of Europe: Travel Sustainably with SWISS’s Green Fares

SWISS International Air Lines has announced its innovative ‘Green Fares’ expansion across Europe. The decision follows successful trials in Scandinavia. The airline’s Green Fares are designed for those who travel with a conscience, acknowledge the ecological footprint of air travel, and want to participate in its reduction actively.

Passenger booking SWISS green fares.

Key Points:

  • SWISS’s Green Fares are now available Europe-wide following successful trials in Scandinavia.
  • Passengers automatically offset carbon emissions, contributing to climate protection projects.
  • Green Fares offer additional benefits, including extra Miles & More status miles and free rebooking options.
  • SWISS is committed to pioneering sustainable air travel options with a vision of carbon-neutral operations by 2050.

A Closer Look at SWISS’s Green Fares

Initiated as a pilot project in Scandinavia in 2022, the ‘Green Fares’ initiative by SWISS, in partnership with the Lufthansa Group, represents a ticket to a cleaner, greener future. When you opt for a Green Fare, you’re not just securing a seat on a plane; you are actively offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions linked with your flight.

The Mechanism

Every Green Fare ticket ensures 20% offsetting of CO2 emissions through Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The remaining 80% is through investments in high-quality climate protection projects. SAF ushers in an era of reduced carbon footprint, generating 80% less CO2 emissions than conventional aviation fuels. This innovative fare option provides an effortless pathway for passengers to contribute to the global sustainability drive.

“With our Green Fares, which we have already successfully trialed in Scandinavia, we are offering our customers a further attractive and simple option for making their air travel more sustainable and, by purchasing SAF, helping to transform the aviation sector,” says SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Goudarzi Pour. “Working together in this way, we can send strong signals to the market to continue to pursue SAF’s development and production. We will only be able to scale up SAF production to the extent required through a joint drive of this kind from customers, airlines and technology providers alike, and with the appropriate political support.”

Beyond Carbon Offset

But SWISS isn’t stopping at carbon offsetting. The airline is on a relentless pursuit to offer enhanced value. Green Fare passengers get additional Miles & More status miles and the flexibility of free-of-charge rebooking. Available in both Business and Economy Class, Green Fares integrate seamlessly with the airline’s myriad of fare options, ensuring a tailored travel experience for every passenger.

A Portfolio of Sustainability

SWISS stands at the forefront of integrating sustainability into the air travel experience. From the option of offsetting carbon emissions during the flight booking process to partnerships that scale the production of SAF, every SWISS flight is a step towards a greener future. Corporate clients have tailor-made options available to enhance the sustainability of their air travel.

As SWISS and the Lufthansa Group amplify their commitment to a carbon-neutral future, the expansion of Green Fares across Europe underscores the tangible actions propelling us towards this objective. Sustainable aviation is a collective effort of passengers, airlines, service providers, and suppliers working together towards a cleaner, greener future.

How to Book SWISS Green Fares

Book Green Fares at and embark on a sustainable journey in the skies. Travelers booking an Edelweiss flight on the SWISS website will also be offered the new Green Fare option.

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