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Alaska Airlines Invests in Assaia: AI-Enabled Aircraft Turnaround Optimization

Alaska Airlines, the fifth largest US airline, known for its award-winning passenger experience and genuine caring service, is set to play an important role in optimizing turnaround operations by collaborating on developing Assaia’s AI-based technology.

Alaska Airlines invests in Assai for AI-Enabled Aircraft Turnaround
Alaska Airlines aircraft loading. Source: Alaska Airlines

Alaska Star Ventures Acquires Equity in Assaia

Alaska Star Ventures, the investment arm of Alaska Airlines, is making an exciting announcement to enhance efficiency and sustainability. They are investing and acquiring equity in Assaia, the leading company in AI-enabled turnaround management. By investing in Assaia, Alaska Airlines will join the strategic partner community (SPC) to assist in advancing AI-based turnaround initiatives.

As a member of Assaia‘s SPC, Alaska will contribute its extensive experience in airport and airline operations. The airline will provide valuable strategic and tactical guidance. Known for its reliable operations, Alaska Airlines strongly believes in Assaia’s capabilities as the frontrunner in turnaround optimization technology.

Pasha Saleh, Corporate Development Director for Alaska Airlines, said, “Using technology to move the aviation industry forward is in Alaska’s DNA, and our investment in Assaia is the next embodiment of that commitment to innovation. Our teams have already been using Assaia to improve our aircraft turn processes, and we’re thrilled to help expand technology that will make us safer, more efficient and able to offer an even better guest experience. This partnership represents the future of machine learning applications in aviation and will translate into significant advances in our industry.”

Max Diez, CEO of Assaia, said, “Alaska Airlines has wide and deep experience of airline operations and a strong track record in on-time performance. That expertise will be invaluable as we continue to develop our technology and expand the number of airlines and airports using it. Ultimately, this will help the entire aviation industry to improve safety, reduce emissions, and improve on-time performance.”

Artificial Intelligence Optimizes Aircraft Turns

Assaia utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline and expedite aircraft turnaround processes, improving on-time performance and an enhanced passenger experience. Through real-time responsiveness and increased gate availability, Assaia aids in ensuring safety on the ramp. Furthermore, with Assaia’s data-driven insights, airlines and airports can reduce taxi-in time and limit auxiliary power unit usage. In this way, they can effectively work towards achieving their sustainability goals.

Assaia is expecting significant growth for its SPC in the upcoming year. Airports, airlines, and ground handlers interested in joining this community can contact Assaia. Explore the opportunities and contribute to developing digital and automated apron operations.

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