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Air France’s 90-Year Journey on Display at Galeries Lafayette

More than Window Dressing: A Visual Symphony that Melds the Past and Present, Celebrating Air France’s 90 Years of Refined Elegance and Pioneering Spirit.

Air France, synonymous with luxury, refinement, and exceptional service, is celebrating its illustrious 90-year history. The iconic airline has partnered with the renowned Galeries Lafayette in Paris for a series of promotions. The latest development is an elegant extravaganza of window displays, directed by the gifted Killian Lassablière and backed by Aura by Omnicom agency. The mesmerizing display encapsulating the airline’s visionary outlook is an ode to Air France’s enduring legacy.

A Cinematic Journey

An original video enriched with grandiose sets, archive imagery, and harmonious sounds—composed by the talented Axel Guenoun—takes the audience on a captivating journey. It harmoniously blends Air France’s historical elegance with the modern luxuries it offers today. This visual symphony will grace the windows of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann, Air France’s various locations, and digital platforms, offering a glimpse into the airline’s esteemed heritage.

Becoming Part of the Legend

The celebration ascends to a personal experience at Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. Pop-up stores offer gorgeous limited-edition collectibles and anniversary specials. Aviation enthusiasts and fashion aficionados can own a piece of history. Items on sale are developed through collaborations with top French brands, all epitomizing 90 years of French elegance.

A Runway Through Time

The visual fiesta extends to live fashion shows at Galeries Lafayette. Through a harmonious dance of past and present, it showcases 90 years of iconic uniforms. Witness the transformation of pilots, cabin crew, and airport staff attire. Each stitch echoes the tales of Air France’s remarkable journey.

EnVols: A Special Edition

To further immerse in the nostalgia, Air France’s media platform, EnVols, unveils a special edition, bilingual issue commemorating the 90th anniversary. Readers are invited to explore the company’s rich history. Explore the artistry behind Xavier Ronze’s unique dress designs. Get insights into Olivier Rousteing’s contemporary take on the airline’s uniforms. A culinary journey awaits as triple Michelin-starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic, reveals the secrets behind the exquisite menus of La Première and Business cabins.

Celebrating Nine Decades

From its inception in 1933, through the union of five pioneering aviation companies, Air France has been a beacon of French artistry and innovation. Over 90 years, Air France has grown a network of nearly 1,000 daily flights. The airline’s fleet of over 240 aircraft flies to 200 destinations around the globe. Air France offers a distinctly elegant journey.

The collaboration between Air France and Galeries Lafayette reflects a shared legacy of innovation, style, and the pursuit of excellence. The Air France 90-year anniversary event is an invitation to experience, explore, and be enchanted by a journey transcending time.

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