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American Airlines Partners with Embraer to Propel the Future of Sustainable Aviation

In a significant stride towards an emission-free aviation future, American Airlines has recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer. This partnership marks the airline’s induction into Embraer’s Energia Advisory Group. The Energia Advisory Group is a coalition of aviation stakeholders boasting a roster of airlines, lessors, suppliers, and specialists. United in purpose, this collective supports the development of Embraer’s Energia sustainable aircraft.

American Airlines and Embraer will collaboratively define actionable, real-world specifications for emission-neutral and economically viable aviation solutions in sync with global sustainability requirements.

A Legacy of Eco-Innovation

As the recipient of the 2023 Eco-Airline of the Year accolade by Air Transport World, American Airlines has cemented its status as a forerunner in eco-conscious aviation. The airline operates the youngest mainline fleet in the US. In 2022, American Airlines aircraft flew on more than two million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel. The airline has also invested in the development of hydrogen-powered propulsion and infrastructure.

Charting the Course to Green Flight

The synergy between American Airlines and Embraer will help advance the four Energia concept aircraft. These cutting-edge models, equipped with electric, hydrogen, and hybrid propulsion technologies and seating capacities ranging from 9 to 50, are significant advances in green aviation engineering.

American Airlines and Embraer will help advance the four Energia aircraft concepts.

What Are Embraer’s Energia Concept Aircraft?

Embraer’s Energia project explores various sustainable aircraft concepts to carry up to 50 passengers. The project considers different energy sources, propulsion architectures, and airframe layouts to reduce carbon emissions by 50% starting in 2030.


Combining a mix of technologies, hybrid-electric propulsion enables us to harvest the benefits from maximizing thermal and electric engine synergies.

  • Technology Readiness – 2030+
  • Range – 500 nm
  • Seats – 19 & 30 pax
  • Noise – 60% lower External Noise
  • Carbon Emissions –
    ● 30% less with JetA1
    ● 90% less with SAF


Hydrogen is a highly promising area in our journey to achieve zero emission flight – enabling us to generate thrust while reducing carbon emissions to zero. Hydrogen fuel cells can run as a single power source or hybrid with gas turbines or batteries.

  • Technology Readiness – 2035
  • Range – 200+nm
  • Seats – 19 & 30 pax
  • Emissions – Zero CO2
  • Noise – 70% lower External Noise


By developing higher capacity and longer-lasting batteries, a full-electric aircraft designed for short-range missions could reduce the aircraft’s CO2 emissions to zero.

  • Technology Readiness – 2035
  • Range – 200 nm
  • Seats – 9 pax
  • Emissions – Zero CO2
  • Noise – 80% lower External Noise


Dual-fuel enables us to power a gas turbine with two fuel sources (SAF or Hydrogen) to maximize operational flexibility and reduce aircraft weight. Increased range and passenger capacity using a modified gas turbine adapted to these new fuel sources.

  • Technology Readiness – 2040
  • Range – 350 – 500nm
  • Seats – 35-50 pax
  • Emissions – Zero CO2
  • Noise – 60% lower External Noise

American Airlines: Helping Develop a Sustainable Regional Fleet

Jill Blickstein, Vice President of Sustainability at American, accentuates the pivotal role of collaborative industry endeavors in attaining the aviation sector’s environmental targets.

“We are delighted to work with Embraer to help develop Energia concept aircraft,” said Blickstein. “As the operator of the largest US regional fleet, we believe industry collaborations to advance decarbonization technologies are critical to helping aviation reach its net-zero emissions goal by 2050. We look forward to working with Embraer and the other members of the Energia Advisory Group to develop next-generation, zero-emission aircraft.”

Bringing Together Expertise

Arjan Meijer, President and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, says American Airlines’ joining the Energia Advisory Group will help advance the project.

“It’s essential for Energia’s success that we involve a wide variety of air operators. American joining our advisory group, with their huge presence and expertise, is a significant step for the Energia project,” said Meijer. “This group has developed into a core part of the program because of the breadth and depth of the different members’ expertise. We’re excited to work with a world-leading airline on our industry’s biggest challenge.”

Steering Toward a Greener Horizon

For aviation, innovation and sustainability are not just aspirations but imperatives. Unified by a shared vision, American Airlines and Embraer steer the aviation industry toward a greener future.

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