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Helsinki Airport Welcomes 10 New Shops, Amplifying the Finnish Experience!

This autumn, Helsinki Airport is transforming into a hub where Finnish culture, fashion, and innovation converge. With the opening of ten new shops, passengers will get a taste of Finnish culture, design, and cuisine without stepping out of the airport.

Relove is one of the 10 new shops opening at Helsinki Airport this autumn. The Relove shop and café at Helsinki Airport, showcasing the blend of modern retail and Finnish tradition.
Relove, the world’s first second-hand shop at an airport, also calls Helsinki home.

Nora Immonen, the Director of Commercial Services at Finavia, said of the new shops, “We are proud that so many Finnish brands are represented at the revamped Helsinki Airport. For us, it is important that Finnish work and know-how can shine on the international stage,” says Immonen.

In the first eight months of 2023, Helsinki Airport welcomed over 10.3 million passengers, 89% of whom were international travelers. This footfall underscores the airport’s role as not just a transit point but a destination. Helsinki Airport is a place where cultures mingle and the spirit of Finland is imbibed.

Among the gems now gracing Helsinki Airport is Ruohonjuuri, an eco-shop where sustainability meets innovation. The Moomin Shop is a haven for admirers of the iconic Finnish cartoon. The sparkle of Viaminnet’s jewelry and design pieces light up the corridors. Lumene offers a touch of Finnish beauty with its range of cosmetics.

But the pièce de résistance is, arguably, the new experience area, nestled in the airport’s former departures hall.

“Finnish architecture, design using wood, and unique brands will make the area an exciting meeting place at the heart of the gate area,” says Immonen. “The completion of the area is the culmination of Finavia’s historic development program at Helsinki Airport, which will end in the autumn.”

Relove, the world’s first second-hand shop at an airport, also calls this space home. The pleasant café and shop combination embodies the blend of tradition and modernity that defines Finnish culture.

“We continuously develop our offering by following trends and the wishes of passengers. Helsinki Airport recently won an award for being the best airport in Europe in its size category. This is a great achievement and an indication that the changes we have made suit our customers’ preferences,” Immonen concludes.

The 10 New Shops You’ll Find at Helsinki Airport:

  • Ruohonjuuri: A sanctuary of eco-friendly products.
  • Viaminnet: Where design and jewelry converge.
  • Moomin Shop: Dive into the magical world of Moomins.
  • Finspiration: Kankurin Tupa unveils a trove of Finnish souvenirs.
  • Christmas shop: Celebrate the spirit of Christmas all year round with Kankurin Tupa.
  • Lumene: A touch of Finnish beauty.
  • Relove: A unique blend of a café and a second-hand shop.
  • Normal: Your go-to for everyday essentials.
  • Ferragamo: Step into a world of elegant attire.
  • Jimmy Choo & Chloé: Where fashion and luxury meet.

As Helsinki Airport continues its transformation, passengers can enjoy a journey through the soul of Finland – a nation where tradition, innovation, and elegance coalesce, offering a unique experience that lingers long after the flight. So, next time you find yourself at Helsinki Airport, take a moment to explore. Who knows what Finnish treasures you might discover!

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