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Unleashing a World-Class Experience: the Strategy Behind Swedavia’s New Marketplace at Arlanda Airport

Swedavia is intensifying its commitment to offering an unparalleled commercial experience at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. With the grand unveiling of the Marketplace in Terminal 5, passengers are about to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary airport atmosphere. Swedavia has ensured the Stockholm airport shops and restaurants offer travelers variety and value for money.

Stockholm Duty Free open

A Glimpse into the Future of Airport Commerce

Boasting over 11,000 square meters of meticulously designed space, the Arlanda Airport Marketplace is a revolutionary concept transforming the passenger experience. Adjacent to the airport’s new cutting-edge security checkpoint, travelers will find culinary delights and a shopper’s paradise in an environment designed for inspiration and comfort.

Tailored for Every Traveller

As Charlotte Ljunggren, Swedavia’s Chief Commercial Officer, explains, the Marketplace features an eclectic mix of food, shopping, and beverage options. It reflects a visionary approach, bringing to life a vibrant atmosphere catering to passengers’ diverse and dynamic needs.

“Our new focus is on competitiveness, value for money, and a broad offering rather than ‘luxury shopping’ for all the passengers – up to 100,000 a day – who pass through the Marketplace before their flight. Many of our partners are now also choosing to invest significantly in totally new concepts and their largest outlets ever. Among other changes, the new tax-free store will be unique at Arlanda and twice the size of the previous outlet,” says Charlotte Ljunggren.

“When you are traveling, no matter what the purpose of your trip is and whether you travel frequently or rarely, you are outside your usual, everyday environment as soon as you get to the airport, which means your shopping behavior and needs change. While online shopping is experiencing ever-stronger growth, experiences, and inspiration during physical shopping trips, which take place less often, are also growing in importance. We have seen that passengers are receptive to new products and inspiration, and we want to give travelers both unique and local offerings and make their visit to our Marketplace an experience.”

Business Flourishing at Arlanda

The strategic location of Arlanda, with its annual footfall of 22 million passengers, is a magnet for businesses. The Marketplace is not merely a space but an ecosystem, meticulously curated to offer a blend of products, price brackets, and brands that encapsulate the essence of diversity and vibrancy.

“The pent-up demand we see in travel after the pandemic also applies to shopping and food and beverage purchases. Our existing stores at Arlanda have seen good sales growth this year and in 2022. At the same time, we have the new range of shopping options that are now being developed – something new for the airport – and we have high expectations for the new commercial offering,” concludes Charlotte Ljunggren.

A Glimpse of What’s in Store

Stockholm Duty Free open at Arlanda Airport

As the curtains rise on the first phase of the Marketplace, passengers will discover over 40 new shop and restaurant concepts. Each marks a significant enhancement from the existing outlets. Names like Lakritsroten, Stockholm Duty-Free, and InMotion are each designed to celebrate the spirit of travel and exploration.

Upgraded Dining at the Stockholm Airport Marketplace

Food is not just a necessity but an integral component of the travel experience at the Marketplace. With La Girafe and Monstro marking their territory, passengers embark on a culinary journey. It promises a blend of flavors, cultures, and cuisines, each echoing Arlanda’s passengers’ global and diverse spirit.

The Journey Ahead for Stockholm Airport Shops

With the grand opening scheduled for the second half of 2023 and a full operational capability by spring 2025, the Marketplace is a long-term vision. The Stockholm airport shops and restaurants enrich the passenger journey, making every travel experience at Arlanda more pleasant and enriching.

The Marketplace at Arlanda offers travelers more than food and shopping. Through the diverse offerings travelers can enjoy a journey as enriching, inspiring, and exciting as their destination.

Quick Facts on Stockholm Arlanda’s New Marketplace

New foodhall at Stockholm Arlanda Airport
  • Floor area: More than 11,000 square meters
  • Opening: Gradual start during the second half of 2023 until spring 2025.
  • Number of outlets: More than 40 new shop and restaurant concepts.
  • Exposure: The outlets are available to about 60,000–100,000 passengers a day, or 22 million passengers a year. They have an opportunity to shop, eat and do errands before their flight.
  • Stores included in the new commercial investment: New store concepts include:
    • Lakritsroten, the high-end Swedish licorice shop is making its biggest investment ever;
    • Stockholm Duty Free, is opening a new modern tax-free store with 2,500 square meters of floor space;
    • InMotion, the electronics retailer is opening its first outlet in Sweden at Stockholm Airport
    • ÆRA has one store for outdoor and sports clothing. A second shop features well-known brands from the Nordic region and the rest of the world;
    • Sweshop, the souvenir store, will feature a large Dalecarlian horse out front that changes colour and style depending on the season;
    • Clothing stores J. Lindeberg and GANT;
    • World of Toys
    • Global Blue.
  • New stores with operations in the Marketplace that have opened: 
    • Stockholm Duty Free,
    • InMotion,
    • Sweshop,
    • the pharmacy Kronans Apotek,
    • 7-Eleven,
    • Adlibris Pocket Shop
    • Forex.
  • Restaurants included in the new commercial investment: Concession contracts in the restaurant segment have been completed for this contract period. Most outlets in the new offering are new concepts/brands, such as:
    • La Girafe by Pontus Frithiof (fine dining with French food)
    • Monstro by Pontus Frithiof (casual dining, where Italian meets American cuisine),
    • RC Café & Pâtisserie,
    • Nordic Lounge by RC,
    • Indochine
    • A new Foodhall which includes Bread Break, La Neta and Baba Grill.
  • New restaurants in the Marketplace that have opened: Hawaii Poké, Eatery Garden and Jureskogs.
  • Total value of concession contracts: 10 billion Swedish kronor for commercial concessions at Swedavia’s airports.
  • 120 public tenders, in line with EU public procurement laws (Swedish Concessions Procurement Act). The public tender cycles run for 3–5 years.
  • Pricing: Prices are to be competitive and not exceed prices for similar goods in shops in the region outside the airport by more than 10 percent.

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