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Safran Gives Us A Closer Look Inside the New JAL A350-1000 Premium Cabins

Seating manufacturer Safran equips the new JAL Airbus A350-1000 premium cabins.

Japan Airlines (JAL) has introduced their new and innovative seats for Premium Economy, Business Class, and First Class on 13 of their Airbus A350-1000s. These seats have been designed in collaboration with Safran Seats, incorporating cutting-edge technology.

“Safran Seats and Japan Airlines have a close relationship for several decades and it is an honor to be a key part of the journey from co-creation with Japan Airlines for their brand new A350-1000. It is also an important milestone for Safran Seats and we’re excited that passengers will experience our latest innovations with the launch of Euphony and Active Backrest, offering First and Business class passengers a unique way of enjoying their flight.”

Victoria Foy / CEO / Safran Seats

JAL: First Airline in the World to Introduce Euphony Sound

Japan Airlines becomes the first airline in the world to offer passengers the latest advancements in Safran Seats. In both the First and Business Class suites, passengers can enjoy the Euphony sound solution, which eliminates the need for traditional headsets. Developed in partnership with Devialet, an expert in acoustical engineering, this technology provides an immersive audio experience.

Safran Seats: Optimal Back Support

Additionally, the new Active Backrest mechanism ensures optimal support throughout the flight, tailored to the individual passenger’s preferences.

Inside JAL’s Luxurious First Class Cabin Suites

In the JAL First Class cabin, travelers will find six luxurious suites. Each suite features a spacious independent seat and a side seat that can be used when the primary seat is in a bed position.

The primary seat can be transformed into an 80″ bed with high shells and doors for maximum privacy. The suite can even accommodate up to three people, with the primary seat, side seat, and adjacent ottoman providing ample space. Passengers will also appreciate the numerous storage options, such as a wardrobe, sizeable under-ottoman space, and an insulated drinks compartment.

43″ In-Flight Entertainment Screen

To enhance their in-flight entertainment experience, travelers can use the 43″ entertainment screen, which offers a truly immersive cinematic experience. And with the wireless suite control unit, passengers have full control over their personal suite environment.

Inside Business Class on JAL’s Airbus A350-1000

The new JAL Business Class cabin offers a total of 54 suites. These suites are arranged in a staggered configuration, providing passengers with improved space and comfort during their flight. The Business Class seat has the latest technology, including Euphony and the Active Backrest.

To ensure privacy, the seat features a high shell and a transparent door, which are distinctive design elements of Japan Airlines. The wide seat and optimized seat kinematics enhance the in-flight experience by providing luxurious comfort for all passengers.

Additionally, the console has a meal table that deploys in a single piece, maximizing space and allowing passengers more room for work or leisure activities.

Furthermore, there is ample storage space under the ottoman where passengers can conveniently stow their carry-on bags and personal belongings.

Premium Economy on JAL’s A350-1000

In Premium Economy, the 24 seats prioritize passenger comfort and privacy. A fixed backshell and a large divider between the seats, ensure that each passenger’s personal space is preserved during the flight.

Additionally, the new seats are electrically actuated, providing passengers with complete control over their seating position.

About Safran

Safran is a global high-technology group that operates in the aviation, defense, and space industries. The company aims to make the world safer and more sustainable, focusing on environmentally friendly and accessible air transport. With 83,000 employees and 19.0 billion euros in sales in 2022, Safran has a strong presence worldwide and holds leading positions in its core markets. The company is committed to research and development, prioritizing environmental initiatives on its innovation roadmap. Safran is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange and is part of the CAC 40 and Euro Stoxx 50 indices.

Safran Seats is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aircraft seats for both crew and passengers. One million Safran Seats-manufactured aircraft seats are in service with air fleets worldwide. For more information, visit:

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