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KLM Will Serve 157 Destinations This Winter: What to Expect Inside

KLM has announced 157 destinations on its winter schedule, 92 in Europe and 65 intercontinental. The number of destinations this winter season, from October 29, 2023, to March 31, 2024. is slightly lower due to seasonal demand fluctuations.

KLM has announced 157 destinations on its winter schedule, 92 in Europe and 65 intercontinental. The number of destinations this winter season, from October 29, 2023, to March 31, 2024. is slightly lower due to seasonal demand fluctuations.


  • KLM has added Marseille, France, to their list of destinations.
  • This winter, KLM is increasing their Canada flights by over 20% compared to last year.
  • Flights to Beijing and Shanghai will continue to depart daily.
  • KLM has upgraded their Boeing 787-9 and 787-10 aircraft with Premium Comfort, their newest intermediate class.
  • The fleet of B777-300 planes will also be upgraded with new World Business Class seats and Premium Comfort Class.
  • The reconfiguration process will begin for the B777-200 fleet this winter.

KLM Destinations in Europe

The airline is expanding its European network by adding Marseille as a new destination. Starting October 29, KLM will operate three daily flights to the French city. Additionally, KLM will continue its service to Rovaniemi, Finland, during the winter season, with flights twice a week. Rennes, another French destination, will also be served daily. It’s important to note that while Rennes is a new addition to the winter schedule, it is a continuation of the summer schedule. KLM has increased the number of available seats this winter by 7% compared to the previous winter schedule.

North American KLM Destinations

KLM Airlines is excited to announce its expanded winter flight network across North America. With a focus on Canada, the United States, and Mexico, KLM will serve 19 destinations in the region. Notably, there will be a daily service to Washington, offering three extra flights each week compared to the previous winter season.

Passengers traveling within the United States can experience KLM’s Premium Comfort Class, a recently introduced travel option that provides comfortable seating with extra legroom. A private catering concept will also be available, ensuring a delightful culinary experience during the flight.

Canada will enjoy a significant boost in flight capacity from KLM this winter, with over 20% more seats offered compared to the previous year. Travelers can expect a weekly average of eleven flights to Toronto, four to Montreal, three to Edmonton, seven to Calgary, and four to Vancouver. This extended network aims to provide enhanced travel options for passengers across North America.

Caribbean and Suriname KLM Destinations

KLM will offer a daily flight to Curaçao, with an increased frequency of 11 flights per week during the busy holiday seasons. As for Aruba, it will be serviced on a daily basis, along with Bonaire, using either Airbus A330-200 or A330-300 planes, just like in the summer of 2023. St Maarten will be combined with Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago, and there will be three to four weekly flights to this destination. Paramaribo in Suriname will have six flights per week, using B777-300 aircraft.

South American KLM Destinations

KLM will fly daily to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Panama. In line with last year, Buenos Aires (Argentina) will be combined with Santiago de Chile (Chile). San José (Costa Rica) will be served four times weekly, directly or with a stopover. There will also be six weekly flights to Lima (Peru), Quito, and Guayaquil (Ecuador).

African KLM Destinations

KLM will operate daily services to two destinations in South Africa: Johannesburg and Cape Town. There will also be daily B777-300 flights to Nairobi and Accra. Passengers can fly to three destinations in Tanzania this winter: five times a week to Kilimanjaro in combination with Dar es Salaam. Also, there will be two flights to Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. KLM will operate six flights a week to Lagos (Nigeria). Kigali in Rwanda and Entebbe in Uganda will also be served five times a week this winter.

KLM Destinations in Asia and the Middle East

In Asia, the route to Taipei combined with Manila will be returning (four times a week), and the stopovers in Seoul and Bangkok have been suspended. Capacity to Asia has not yet fully recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic.

List of KLM Winter Destinations (Asia and Middle East)

  • Beijing and Shanghai (China) will be served daily.
  • Hong Kong will be served directly four times a week this winter, adding one extra flight a week compared to winter 2022.
  • Daily flights to and from Tokyo Narita (Japan) will be operated non-stop this winter, which amounts to three extra weekly flights compared to last year. The Osaka (Japan) route will be served three times a week.
  • Seoul in South Korea will be served six times a week.
  • There will be a daily flight to Bali with a stopover in Singapore, as in 2022.
  • Five weekly flights to Jakarta (Indonesia) with a Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) stopover.
  • Daily flights will be operated to Bangkok (Thailand).
  • In India, Mumbai and Delhi will be served daily, and five flights a week to Bengaluru, representing an additional flight compared to winter 2022.
  • Daily flights will be operated to Dubai. KLM will raise capacity on the route to Riyadh and Dammam, launched last year. These destinations will be served six times a week, an extra flight compared to winter 2022.
  • Intercontinental destinations KLM will no longer serve this winter include Barbados, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Muscat. Capacity released from these flights will be deployed on other routes.

Inside KLM’s B777 Fleet: World Business Class

A sliding door provides greater comfort and privacy.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has recently unveiled their latest addition to the World Business Class seats. These new seats are designed to provide passengers with enhanced comfort and privacy. Utilizing innovative technologies, these seats are lighter than other business-class seats available in the market, aligning with KLM’s commitment to sustainability.

The airline’s decision to introduce these new seats is based on thorough customer research, ensuring a spacious and comfortable travel experience for KLM passengers.

  • All World Business Class passengers have direct access to the aisle. Every seat has a lightweight sliding door that can be easily opened and closed so that the seat can be closed off for more privacy when working, relaxing, or sleeping;
  •  More personal adjustment options and user-friendly functionality, including an adjustable lower-back support and a relaxing setting with a subtle back-massage feature;
  • The seat can recline fully flat to form a comfortable 198cm-long bed;
  •  Multiple charging sockets are easily accessible and visible, and passengers also have a wireless charging option;
  • Passengers can stow their belongings in a lockable compartment with a built-in mirror. The seat features a recessed bottle holder so passengers can safely leave a water bottle on their tabletop, even during turbulence.

Other World Business Class Services, including the catering concept and SkyPriority, remain unchanged.

“Based on extensive customer and competitor research, we improved our World Business Class seats to ensure that customers have more privacy and comfort during their flight. The new seats are better in terms of design, technology and sustainability features. KLM meets a wide array of its passengers’ wishes with the new seats in World Business Class, Premium Comfort, Economy Comfort and Economy Class. We are delighted to offer these new products and related services to our customers worldwide,” said Boet Kreiken, EVP Customer Experience

Jamco Venture Seats

KLM has recently introduced Jamco Venture seats in their new World Business Class cabin. These seats are installed in a 1-2-1 configuration, ensuring every passenger has direct access to the aisle. Initially, these seats were only available on KLM’s Boeing 787 fleet. However, based on extensive customer research, KLM collaborated with Jamco, the manufacturer of the seats, to further enhance their design. By working together, they were able to create a lighter and more comfortable seating arrangement without compromising on quality. This aligns with KLM’s commitment to sustainability as lighter seats contribute to their environmental goals.

The new World Business Class seats will be installed in KLM’s Boeing 777-300 and 200 aircraft. Additionally, these planes will be equipped with the latest Premium Comfort cabin. The entire fleet will be upgraded over the course of the next year, ensuring a consistent and upgraded experience for all passengers.

Inside KLM’s Premium Comfort Class

KLM’s Premium Comfort Class offers passengers a higher level of luxury, comfort, and privacy compared to Economy Class at more affordable prices than World Business Class. The aim is to better cater to the preferences and needs of both leisure and business travelers.

Premium Comfort Class features its own dedicated cabin, featuring specially designed seats and unique service and catering concepts. The number of Premium Comfort seats will vary depending on the aircraft, ranging from 21 to 28 seats. These seats are wider than standard seats, providing passengers with more legroom, a larger screen, and a footrest. Moreover, Premium Comfort seats can recline further than Economy Class seats, thanks to the efforts of the specialists at KLM Engineering & Maintenance at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, who reconfigured the aircraft cabins to enhance overall comfort.

“We have great expectations for this new Premium Comfort Class, based on extensive market research. The new class will meet the wishes of business passengers as well as leisure travellers, strengthening KLM’s standing as a global network carrier offering an appealing and varied range: World Business Class, Premium Comfort and Economy Class. It also reaffirms our partnership with Delta Air Lines, Air France and Virgin Atlantic on North Atlantic routes, where we can now combine all products on all routes.”

Boet Kreiken, executive vice president of KLM Customer Experience

Premium Comfort In-Flight Menu

Premium Comfort offers a unique catering experience. On intercontinental flights, passengers can enjoy one or two hot meals depending on the duration. The menu includes options like meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. After the main meal, passengers can expect a selection of coffee, tea, liqueur, and ice cream. Additionally, various snacks and cocktails, inspired by popular choices from World Business Class, will be served between meals.

The airline took care in selecting sustainable catering materials for Premium Comfort. They are reusable (special cutlery, bowls, and plates made of lightweight polypropylene), and those not reusable are made of recycled PEF.

Lightweight and Sustainable

Specialists at KLM Customer Experience designed the new seats in Premium Comfort Class with experts at Collins Aerospace. Apart from their elegant design and comfort features, the seats are lighter than previous designs. All materials were carefully assessed regarding circularity and weight without detracting from aesthetic features.

Service Enhancements

Passengers who opt for the Premium Comfort Class experience will enjoy convenient perks right from the airport. These include more flexible baggage arrangements and access to exclusive SkyPriority services, such as preferential check-in and boarding.

More Details on KLM’s Cabin Comfort Updates (Fact Sheet)

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