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Qatar Airways Expands Its Presence in Saudi Arabia

Qatar Airways is expanding its presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by introducing new flights to Al Ula, Tabuk, and reopening its services to Yanbu.

  • Qatar Airways expands its presence in Saudi Arabia by opening two new gateways: Al Ula, Tabuk, and The Reopening of Yanbu.
  • The national carrier now operates over 125 weekly flights to nine cities in Saudi Arabia, solidifying its regional presence.
Qatar Airways is expanding its presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by introducing new flight routes to Al Ula, Tabuk, and reopening its services to Yanbu.

Starting 29 October 2023, Qatar Airways will begin operating flights to Al Ula, followed by Yanbu on 6 December 2023, and Tabuk on 14 December 2023. With these additional routes, travelers have more opportunities to explore Saudi Arabia’s captivating cultural heritage and natural attractions.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “We are thrilled to introduce Al Ula, Yanbu, and Tabuk as our newest destinations in Saudi Arabia. These cities offer a wealth of cultural, historical, and natural experiences, and we are proud to connect travelers from around the world to these remarkable places.”

About Qatar Airways’ New Destinations in Saudi Arabia: Al Ula, Yanbu, and Tabuk.

Al Ula, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its awe-inspiring landscapes and historical treasures. It will now be served by two weekly flights. Travelers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fascinating rock formations and archaeological wonders of this ancient city.

Yanbu is a bustling port city. Visitors can bask in the beauty of its sandy beaches and discover the diverse marine life that inhabits its waters. With three weekly flights, Yanbu is the perfect destination for those seeking a sun-soaked getaway and thrilling adventures.

Tabuk is nestled amidst majestic mountains and picturesque valleys. It will also be accessible through three weekly flights. Travelers heading to Tabuk can indulge in its natural splendor and explore its rich cultural heritage.

With this expansion, Qatar Airways now offers flights to nine cities in Saudi Arabia. With over 125 weekly flights, the airline now serves Al Ula, Dammam, Gassim, Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh, Tabuk, Taif, and Yanbu. This extensive network allows travelers to explore the diverse landscapes and cultures of Saudi Arabia.

Passengers traveling from these new gateways will also enjoy excellent connectivity, with over 160 destinations worldwide. Whether it’s China, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, or the United States, Qatar Airways ensures seamless travel experiences.

By introducing new routes to Al Ula, Yanbu, and Tabuk, Qatar Airways aims to facilitate both business and leisure travel, strengthening economic ties and cultural exchanges between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The airline remains committed to providing passengers with exceptional service and comfort throughout their journey.

To book flights to AlUla, Yanbu, and Tabuk, passengers can visit the Qatar Airways website, mobile app, or contact their preferred travel agencies.

Flight schedule to Al Ula:

Saturday (local time)

  • Doha (DOH) to AlUla (ULH) flight number QR1202 departure 08:05 arrival 10:45
  • AlUla (ULH) to Doha (DOH) flight number QR1203 departure 11:45 arrival 13:55

Thursday (local time)

  • Doha (DOH) to AlUla (ULH) Flight QR1202 Departure 07:30 Arrival 10:10
  • AlUla (ULH) to Doha (DOH) flight number QR1203 departure 12:15 arrival 14:25

Flight schedule to Yanbu:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (local time)

  • Doha (DOH) to Yanbu (YNB) flight number QR1216 departure 07:25 arrival 10:15
  • Yanbu (YNB) to Doha (DOH) flight number QR1217 departure 11:20 arrival 13:40

Flight schedule to Tabuk:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday (local time)

  • Doha (DOH) to Tabuk (TUU) flight number QR1220 departure 06:20 arrival 09:20
  • Tabuk (TUU) to Doha (DOH) flight number QR1221 departure 10:20 arrival 12:40

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