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Inside Brussels Airlines’ Crafty and Collectible New Amenity Kits

Three Belgian craftswomen create a unique amenity kit for Brussels Airlines.

Brussels Airlines has introduced new amenity kits designed by Belgian craftswomen that align with its lifestyle brand goals. The airline aims to create a boutique hotel experience in the sky infused with Belgitude.

Three Belgian craftswomen create a unique amenity kit for Brussels Airlines.

“A collaboration with three independent entrepreneurs fits perfectly. It also underlines our Belgitude, where we show the world the best of Belgium,” Sandy Coenen, Inflight Product Equipment Manager at Brussels Airlines. “These three ladies understood perfectly what we need. They were so enthusiastic and had such a positive attitude during each interaction we had.”

Coming from different backgrounds and with different specializations, the three women have a shared passion for design, style, and comfort. Together, they created an amenity kit for Brussels Airlines that is a unique collector’s item. The collaboration between Brussels Airlines and the Belgian craftswomen will last for two years, producing four different amenity kits. Every six months, a new design and color will be introduced.

Aesaert: Unlock the Magic Within The Timeless Pouch

Griet Aesaert, the talented designer behind the renowned handbag label Aesaert, is celebrated for her timeless creations made from exquisite Belgian leather. Her expertise extends to crafting custom-made handbags that are tailored to the unique preferences of each individual customer. Notably, Griet’s designs are distinguished by their remarkable inner linings, adding a touch of individuality and making her creations stand out.

“Tailoring is part of our DNA. As soon as I heard about the idea to create colorful amenity kits for Brussels Airlines, I immediately thought about Elisia Poelman,” says Griet Aesaert.

Elisia Poelman: Travel in Life And In The Imagination With Artist’s Dreamy Inner Linings

Elisia Poelman, a talented artist, brings her imaginative paintings to life in her newest creation – the amenity kit. Her captivating artwork encourages travelers to embark on a journey within their imagination. The inner linings of the kit showcase a stunning extraction from her artwork, adding a touch of artistic inspiration to every traveler’s experience.

A tourist in a dream,” a painting by Elisia Poelman, inspired the colorful print. The eye masks of the amenity kit will also be an impression of her work. A few of her artworks will soon be showcased in THE LOFT, Brussels Airlines’ lounge at Brussels Airport.

Nomige: Revitalizing Tailor Made Skincare

Dr Barbara Geusens, skincare expert and founder of Nomige, adds her scientific expertise to this collaboration. Nomige is known for personalized and innovative personal care products. The lip balm and lotion in the amenity kit are created especially for Brussels Airlines.

“Both skincare and traveling have always been my passions. This collaboration, where my products travel the world and gain international fame, is a dream coming true,” says Barbara Geusens.“These products are designed specifically to take care of your skin during a long flight.”

Coming to Brussels Airlines Business Class on Select Flights

Each business class passenger on Brussels Airlines’ long-haul flights to sub-Saharan Africa and the United States will soon be treated to these elegant and highly collectible luxury amenity kits.

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