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LOT Polish Airlines Selects RECARO Seating for Widebody Fleet

Recaro Aircraft Seating becomes the exclusive seat supplier for LOT Polish Airlines’ widebody fleet through 2030.

LOT Polish Airlines’ (LOT) has selected RECARO Aircraft Seating (RECARO) as the exclusive seat supplier for widebody fleet through 2030. This award encompasses eight Boeing 787 aircraft and includes the installation of the CL6720, PL3530, and CL3810 seats in the business, premium, and economy classes, respectively. This marks the first time RECARO partners with LOT on a widebody project.

The deal involves delivery of more than 2,000 passenger seats, scheduled to start in Q3 2026. Importantly, RECARO will produce the economy class seats at its facility in Świebodzin, Poland.

“We are honored to partner with LOT, a renowned leader in the aviation industry, and we are committed to delivering excellence in service and innovation to enhance the passenger experience across the entire cabin,” said Dr. Mark Hiller, CEO of RECARO Aircraft Seating and RECARO Holding. “In addition to our production facility in Poland building the economy class seat, this is an especially exciting milestone for our award-winning business class product.”

LOT Selects RECARO CL6720 Business Class Seat

The CL6720 business class seat provides a luxurious and comfortable travel experience. It has a spacious design, premium amenities, and ergonomic features that help passengers relax and unwind during their journey. The sleek aesthetics of the CL6720 complement any cabin interior, while its lightweight structure contributes to fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability.

LOT Premium Economy Class Equipped with RECARO PL3530

In the premium class, the PL3530 sets new standards in passenger comfort and innovation. It features cutting-edge technology, ergonomic cushioning, adjustable recline, and an intuitive control panel. Passengers can stay connected with integrated entertainment options and USB charging ports available throughout their flight.

LOT Economy Class Features RECARO CL3810

The CL3810 is designed with meticulous attention to detail in the economy class. It combines modern aesthetics with advanced technology. Passengers can enjoy spacious seating with ample legroom, a six-way adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and the option to recline up to six inches, ensuring a comfortable experience even on long-haul flights.

LOT Prioritizing Passenger Comfort and Innovation

“In selecting RECARO Aircraft Seating as the exclusive seat supplier for our widebody fleet through 2030, we have prioritized passenger comfort and innovation. The partnership represents a milestone for both LOT Polish Airlines and RECARO, marking the first time we embark on this widebody project together,” said Izabela Leszczyńska, Product Director, LOT Polish Airlines. “With production of the economy class seats to be based in Świebodzin, Poland, we embrace a synergy of excellence and craftsmanship. The CL6720, PL3530, and CL3810 series epitomize our commitment to providing a luxurious and comfortable travel experience across our business, premium, and economy classes. We believe this collaboration sets new standards in aviation and reflects our dedication to enhancing the journey for our valued passengers.”

LOT Polish Airlines, established in 1929, is a well-known airline operating in Europe and worldwide. The airline has a fleet of 80 aircraft and serves approximately 10 million passengers each year.

About RECARO Aircraft Seating

RECARO Aircraft Seating is a leading provider of high-quality aircraft seats for airlines and OEMs worldwide. Known for their innovative products, exceptional customer service, and focus on passenger comfort, RECARO is dedicated to delivering reliable and efficient solutions while prioritizing sustainable practices and employee development. With headquarters in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany, RECARO employs a global team of 2,300 employees across China, Poland, South Africa, and the United States. In 2022, the company generated 403 million euros in revenue. To learn more about RECARO Aircraft Seating, visit their website at

About RECARO Group

The RECARO Group consists of three divisions: RECARO Aircraft Seating, based in Schwaebisch Hall, Germany; RECARO Gaming, located in Stuttgart, Germany; and RECARO Rail, situated in Grodzisk Wielkopolski, Poland. In 2022, the Group’s total sales reached nearly 425 million euros, employing over 2,500 people worldwide. To learn more about RECARO, please visit their website at


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