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Swedavia Earns Two Employer Awards, Announces Job Openings

Swedish airport operator Swedavia has earned two employer awards from Karriärföretagen for its Employer Branding. Karriärföretagen picked Swedavia as “Career Site of the Year 2023” and “Best Social Media 2023” in the category of Bachelor of Engineering. Swedavia’s creative and innovative approach to recruiting on digital channels and social earned the company awards and a nomination for “Career Company of the Year 2023.”

Karriärföretagen presents their list of Sweden’s top employers once yearly. The selection aims to ensure that companies conduct high-quality Employer Branding work. It also ensures the employer meets the requirements required to be an attractive employer.

Karriärföretagen Recognition of Career Website of the Year 2023
“This year’s Career Website category – Bachelor of Engineering, is awarded to the employer who innovatively and professionally presents their culture and values. The website is engaging and informative and attracts talent – exemplary in Employer Branding. This year’s career website award in the category Bachelor of Engineering is awarded to Swedavia.”

Karriärföretagen Recognition of Best Social Media 2023
“For outstanding innovation, creativity, and quality in social media, which effectively conveys the employer’s brand, Swedavia has been awarded Best Social Media in the category Bachelor of Engineering.”

Swedavia: A Strong Employer Brand

“At Swedavia, we are very proud of the tremendous work that is being done to strengthen our brand and make it attractive to existing employees, as well as potential employees. Despite going through a few tough years, Swedavia has earned a strong position in terms of Employer Branding, and these awards are a testament to that. I would like to extend a big thank you to all of our employees who have helped make Swedavia what it is today and welcome new applicants to join us,” says Marie Wiksborg, Director of Business Support at Swedavia.

“Swedavia strives to be an attractive employer where competent and committed employees are our main key to success. This means extensive work to attract new employees, but it is at least as important to retain the many competent employees who are already within Swedavia and give them the opportunity to develop within the company. The goal is for the employees to feel encouraged for internal mobility, and there are good opportunities to try new areas,” Marie Wiksborg concludes.

Are you interested in working at Swedavia?

Working at Swedavia

Right now, Swedavia has several positions available at airports all around Sweden. They include opportunities from IT employees and Airport Officers to operational specialists.

For more information about current jobs at Swedavia visit:

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