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Delta and Aeromexico Add More Than 30% Seats to Partnership Flights

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The Delta-Aeromexico JCA will expand its operations between Mexico and the United States, adding routes while increasing flights and capacity. This announcement follows the FAA restoring Mexico’s Category 1 rating.

Delta and Aeromexico JCA. Source: Delta

Starting in January 2024, Aeromexico will gradually introduce 17 new routes from seven airports in Mexico to nine destinations in the US. These flights will be supported by Delta codeshare.

Aeromexico plans to increase their flights to the US to meet the growing demand. By July 2024, they aim to operate nearly 60 daily flights, a 35% increase compared to 2023. They will have a presence in 36 US markets. For its part, Delta plans to operate 34 daily flights to Mexico, serving seven different Mexican destinations.

Overall, the Delta-Aeromexico Joint Cooperation Agreement (JCA) aims to offer over 90 daily flights between Mexico and the United States on nearly 60 routes by 2024. This reinforces their commitment to providing a strong network and easy connectivity for passengers, supported by high-quality products and services.

The new flight routes operated by Aeromexico will include:

Note: The flight itineraries and ticket sales will be announced gradually, pending government approvals.

Aeromexico Expanding Routes, Frequencies, and Fleet

Aeromexico is expanding its routes and flight frequencies by adding more than 50 new aircraft to its fleet, with the majority being Boeing 737MAX. This will enhance the travel experience, offering more options for passengers.

In addition, Aeromexico plans to increase its monthly flights at Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) to over 1,000, starting in October. The airline will introduce two new routes to the United States from AIFA as part of this growth.

Top Alliance Between Mexico and the US

Delta and Aeromexico aim to become the top airline alliance between Mexico and the United States. Jointly serving the largest trans-border air market in the world, the airlines offer their customers consistent service and travel experience enhancements:

  • Seamless check-in powered by SkyTeam technology enables digital check-in for multi-airline travel via Delta and Aeromexico’s existing apps and websites.
  • Free messaging onboard through onboard Wi-Fi (where available).
  • Consistent checked and carry-on luggage policies.

About Delta/Aeromexico

Delta Air Lines and Aeromexico have partnered through their Joint Cooperation Agreement (JCA) to create the leading transborder airline alliance between the United States and Mexico. This agreement benefits customers of both airlines by offering improved connectivity and scheduling options. The partnership strengthens the 21-year relationship between Delta and Aeromexico as SkyTeam global airline alliance members. Delta serves the United States through its connecting hubs in Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York-JFK, Salt Lake City, and Seattle. Aeromexico provides enhanced access to Mexico through its hub in Mexico City. The airlines are investing in various aspects of the customer experience, including boarding gates, VIP lounges, and frequent flyer benefits through the SkyMiles and Aeromexico Rewards programs.

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